Banks and Government

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There has never been a time when Americans have been as betrayed as they currently are. Our leaders in government have accumulated a huge debt of trillions of dollars during the last ten years. Banks and the investors in real estate have endangered our economic stability by pillaging the mortgage industry (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac deregulation). No one is living by any rules and truth tellers like Ron Paul get chastised. Our billion dollar debt has been bought up foreigners, like China, and we have jeopardized our economic stability and perhaps our national security.

It is sickening to think that our financial managers and officials have mismanaged trillions of American dollars and caused so much economic damage to hard-working citizens. A quarter of a million people have lost their jobs and it is expected, employers will not begin rehiring for another three years which will further impoverish the nation. Some cities have unemployment rates of over 11 percent. Future generations cannot look forward to prosperity.

No one should be surprised to see how devastated hard-working Americans can become with such reckless fiscal leadership and all-consuming greed that has permeated the CEOs and financial managers of our corporations and banks. Our government did nothing to stop it; neither Democrat nor Republican. The few lone voices warning of us were unheeded. All this makes Enron look pale in comparison. Scores of highly-paid high-living executives have been sentenced to jail for making and allowing illegal decisions and illicit gains to be made.

The fears I have hardly known in the past are all becoming very real now. Fear of poverty and homelessness. A very real despair and depression is setting in, slowly, like the arthritis I wake up to every morning. You know it is there even when you do not feel it. I am alone, friends and family are all experiencing difficulties as a result of these poor economic decisions. After working thirty-five years, this is not what I expected at all and feel terribly betrayed. I feel the physical and mental exhaustion of the part thirty-five years and wonder why I worked at all. I have lost trust in my governmental and financial managers and do not see any solutions for the near future and for the children thereof.


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