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Barack Obama’s True Colors

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Is it just me or am I the only one that can see Barack Obama’s true colors? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Barack hater or anything because I support him and what he’s for in this country. Many of his former running mates including his main competition, Senator McCain, have called him inexperienced but I just think they’re using the wrong word. His ideas are considered to be radical (at least by me, moreso than them). I applaud his efforts and I think he has been a senator long enough to know and plan out his courses of action for when he does become president of this country.

However, it seems like he’s ashamed of a part of him black. This Father’s Day, the senator went to a black-oriented church to speak to the black fathers about how to step up and be men for their children. We as black people, know that a lot of black men aren’t as present as they once were. However, like a reporter mentioned on an episode of Inside Edition today, he said Obama was appealing to his white voters, that he too can critique black people. I just so happened to agree with him because this is not the first time that Obama has decided to appeal to white voters, and now, it’s starting to piss me off. It’s beginning to piss me off because Obama tries to give all of his poignancy to the part of him that is white.

When the Jeremiah Wright situation first hit the airwaves, he gave a speech on race, he told his supporters that his white grandmother looked out for him but she was also the same grandmother that cringed or made racial slurs about black men as they walked around the neighborhoods. Can you imagine what she must have said about him, her grandson, when he was around her, playing outside, and when he spent the nights with her?

In Obama’s first book, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, (I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my reading list) was published before his first run for political office. In it he recalls his childhood in Honolulu and Jakarta, college years in Los Angeles and New York City, and his employment as a community organizer in Chicago in the 1980s. The book’s last few chapters describe his first visit to Kenya, a journey to connect with his Luo family and heritage. In the preface to the 2004 revised edition, Obama explains that he had hoped the story of his family “might speak in some way to the fissures of race that have characterized the American experience.” In a 1995 review, novelist Paul Watkins wrote that dreams “persuasively describes the phenomenon of belonging to two different worlds, and thus belonging to neither.”

I was also just sitting here reading Barack Obama’s Wikipedia page, and it says that age two, his father and mother separated, later divorcing one another. My guess is that Barack has some hostility towards his dad, which is why he is always so eager to please the whites in his life. However, there is some things that I applaud the senator for. I applaud Barack for not shunning out his family in Kenya because of what his father may have done for him, I applaud him for not turning his back on the blacks in America and around the world.

Not to mention the fact that he wasn’t so eager or quick to denounce the Reverand Jeremiah Wright until around the fifth incident. Barack Obama was drawn to the message that the Trinity United Church of Christ because they embraced his African culture and they were speaking of the truths that were a part of the black family’s life. Black churches are always outspoken in a lot of aspects including politics, amongst other things. I’ve been to the churches website and have seen the full videos and there is nothing out of the norm about it, maybe because I’m black and have been to a church like this one since I was born.

Barack’s councilman have reported he joined the church because he liked Jeremiah’s message and he wanted to make an impact on black America. Someone, maybe his campaign manager or campaign people told him to denounce the preacher indefinitely in order to win the Democratic campaign. As soon as he did that, he began winning votes, more black than white, I’m guessing.

I’m not saying he should have denounced him sooner but I don’t think he should have denounced the man at all. What? Why? I know you’re asking but I happen to agree with the reverend and you can call me unpatriotic and un-American all you want to, I don’t even care because I know I’m not and it doesn’t phase me one bit. What’s wrong with a race of people trying to rise above what they’ve been so oppressed to for generations on end? Blacks weren’t the ones who created the word or the groups called ‘minorities’ were we? Nope, these are products of our government to keep someone down, to choose who succeeds and who doesn’t.

Barack Obama is appealing more to the white voters to get into office and I don’t hold it against him, not one bit. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! 


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