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Big Blue One-Eyed Monster!

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My six-year-old granddaughter accompanied me to work one recent morning. This bright and bubbly child who most always responds to the warning of consequences to poor choices and bad behavior with, “I don’t care!” was visibly frightened by something she saw as we made our way along a rural road.

“Mimi, there was a big, blue one-eyed monster in that pond back there!” she screamed from the back seat of the car. Trying my best to console her from my position in the driver’s seat, I offered several logical explanations for what she saw. I quickly realized I was not going to convince her there was no monster in the pond without valid proof.

I proceeded to turn the car around and we headed back to face the monster. As we slowly approached the scene, I realized that a blue barrel was partially submerged upside-down in the shallow water. The visible portion of the bottom of the barrel revealed a circular indentation that an imaginative child could mistake for an eye.

With the discovery of the barrel, my logic made sense to my granddaughter. We continued on our way as she sang happily in the back seat knowing that there was no big, blue one-eyed monster lurking in the water along the side of the road.

What “big, blue one-eyed monster” is filling you with fear today? Are your fears connected to global issues such as the economy, war, famine? Or, are the monsters in your life frightening you on a more personal level? Do you lose sleep over all the “what if” scenarios?

Whatever your fear, turn around and face it with faith! Faith in the one who has it under control regardless of all the monsters that seem to be on the loose. Your life is in the hands of someone greater!


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