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Bitch Was Just a Dog!

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< Enough already. Is it us, the American people, who have truly lost it? I know! It’s a dream. Why does everything have a color? If you were red, you were communist. Blue, you are a smurf! Bail out meant something having to do with jail. OMG!

Being a baby boomer, I understood Pearl Harbor, the Great Depression, and for a time I played video games. Bad behavior wasn’t justified and parents controlled their own kids. Just let me know what happened to innocence! Pride! Respect! Truth and honor!

I have girlfriends but now they have to be called BFF. Girlfriends means lipstick lessies? Again help me, so was Olive Oyl a slut? Betty Boop a transgender and the Mickey Mouse Club representing group sex? Enough already!

Someone please bring us back a Dallas or Dynasty, some mini-series, songs I can sing along with on the radio without wanting to hump the person in the car next to me. I want to be able to order oral-gel in public without the store clerk calling security because he fears I’m lubing an organ. Speaking of organ, can we go back to that just being something with keys, pipes, and a foot pedestal?

When did we leave it? Where did it go? How do we get it back! When will we know? Sanity! It and the dish ran away with the spoon.


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