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Black Women Do Your Hair and Dress Properly (Part 2)

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In our time period, there is no reason for anyone who has access to all of this modern technology to not know how to do anything they want to do. So many people want to say that the reason why so many ills are in the Black community is because someone has not taught them how to do the things they should know about; this is a theory I am not buying. One thing for sure, two things for certain when someone wants to do anything in life they find a way, seriously, at this point it is just plain laziness that keeps so many Black people down and not moving forward in life. If Grandpa Bill can say it so can I (I think of Bill Cosby as the grandfather of the Black-African-American community since Ossie Davis died). One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to Black people is Black women who walk around as if they have never known a hot comb in their life, or learned the proper way to dress. I know I sound harsh, I want to sound harsh, someone has too, to make them understand I am tired of their images having an influence on how people view me until they actually meet me. Here are just a few tips to help you out since you might be one of the ones who do not have a role model or access to modern technology to dress the proper way and to do your hair to make yourself look presentable when you walk out your front door.

Black women: it is not hard to dress properly, not fashionably in style, but properly dressed when you go to certain places in life. There is a proper way to dress when you go to school K-12 on through college. There is a proper way to dress when you have a job interview to ensure you get the job, to what you will wear on the job when you are hired. There is a proper way to dress when you walk out the door just to take you child to the bus stop or get the mail or to go grocery shopping. No matter where you go you should always be properly dressed, again not fashionably in style just properly dressed.

Each morning when I would take my son to the bus stop I had my hair done, a pair jeans, coat and shoes, not house shoes. A couple of the mothers came with what they wore to bed to bring their child to the bus stop wearing house shoes and hair not combed at all. Yes it is just the bus stop but there was time when people only had one good dress and that one good dress was washed, pressed and ready to go each day. That was time when women did not have access to all of the salons they do now, those women actually helped one another to roll each other’s hair in paper to get whatever curls they could. They also would never allow someone they knew to walk around as if no one was taking care them, it was unheard of. Even the old man who had no one, someone would make sure he had something. Black people what happened?

Black women why are you putting clothes on your little girls that look like they should be going to a club instead of school. I could care less that that is the style of today, when I see the butt crack of a little girl at school because she has on low rider pants I am pissed. How is this proper attire for her to attend school in, never mind the fact that she has to keep pulling the pants up? The little boys who are getting more and more perverted everyday by all of the sexual images they see in these “CRap” music videos give them the hardest time in the world. I know what I am talking about I watched it happed at my sons school when I would volunteer their activities and I had to stop them from harassing the girls. It was getting to a point of borderline sexual harassment and that is not good. What happened to just a pair of jeans that fit and a nice top to wear together, along with pair of decent shoes. Why are little girls wearing clothes that are too suggestive for their age in school? I have seen little girls come to school in clear heels; we all know clear heels are the staple for a stripper’s outfit. At my sons 5th grade graduation on 3 little girls had on proper dresses and proper shoes, the other little girl were in short and tanks sets and flip flops. What happened to dressing up for special moments in our lives, my son had on an Oxford shirt and tie with Black Penny Loafers. It is not cute, but I also know some of the little girls do not have a chance with certain mothers as well. Mothers are supposed to look out for their kids, especially their daughters, not throw them the wolves. Here are a few examples of the mothers I have seen and what children wear to the places I have seen in public.

One of the coaches for the basketball teams at the Y this year was a woman; I did not realize it until I took a closer look. This woman had nothing feminine about her, and that is cool if that is her thing, the thing is she did not have a bra on whatsoever. Her breast were hanging low and swinging everywhere, if she did this at home that is her business but to bring it into the public arena is where I have a problem. It is not an appropriate way to present yourself in public, I can hear the how dare she’s coming and let me stop you right now. Yes she has every right to dress how she wish, but don’t I and my son and anyone else who is uncomfortable with this display have a rights not see it. That is the point where I think people split, which’s right is more important than another. I am not trying to say one is more important than another, what I am saying is that there are times when we all must make a sacrifice for one thing or another. Would it have been so hard for this mother to put a bra on for two hours a week to coach basketball for her daughters’ team? For the things we do in life we must all make sacrifices that is life period and to me more and more African-Americans Black folks feel they don’t have too. Now when they do not get what they want, say a job, or the loan, or anything they want in life they want to cry Racism. You can’t have it both ways in this world, you can’t come to a place of business and wreck it and think you can still keep your job or home or whatever.

There was time when a young lady was working for a friend of mine at a booth in the mall. The manager had told the young lady of the rules for employment and the rules the mall itself had for the employees who run the booth. Somewhere along the way in the Black community someone has told them they do not to have listen to anyone, even if it is the one who is paying you. One of the biggest problems the mall had with this young lady who was working for my friend was her appearance when she came to work. This young lady would actually walk out of her house with her hair scarf on, ride the bus in this scarf to the mall, walk through mall until she came to the booth then and only then did she take off the scarf. Yep, that nasty, greasy hair scarf that is supposed to only be seen in your home. Mall management had spoken to my friend about this girl because the mall in itself is place of employment and they were displeased to see this young lady doing this over and over again. Really it is not professional at all, my friend told the young lady not to do this anymore and thought it would be fine. Then once again one morning she sees the young lady walking through the mall on the way to work, she was wearing her nasty, dirty greasy hair scarf. She didn’t see my friend watching her; my friend saw her take off that nasty scare before she got to the booth, my friend fired the girl on the spot. Seriously, why was it so necessary that this girl could not follow one simple rule to keep her job, why is it that she refused to follow a rule of not only her employer the but the mall as well. Black women when did it happen that this is the way to be, because I am seeing too many of you out there doing this same thing and a lot of you are not young. Tell me why is it so hard to pull you hair into a bun, or if you hair is not long enough for a bun then to just slick it back so it is still presentable, what happened to that? Please tell me…Part 3 Get it together Black Women


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