The Blood of Teens on Your Hands

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The United States isn’t so welcoming when it discriminates and denies freewill to its citizens based on race, color, or sexual orientation. Over the past seventeen years, the United States has deprived gays and lesbians of America their natural rights as residents due to the lifestyle and personal choices they have made. The discrimination held against them has widely grown throughout the country and now leads the restriction on to other levels. When a homosexual is open about his or her sexuality and signs up for recruitment into any branch of the military service, he or she is not accepted into the program and is denied the right to fight for their own country. He or she is restricted in coverage for his/her health and is shamefully looked down on or even denied when holding specific positions for labor.

The discrimination has been around for years, but when President Clinton took office and presented America with a new course of action taken toward the abolishment of judgment on gays and lesbians, known as the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, the gay community had merely been muzzled. “In 1993, the Clinton Administration created a new policy for homosexuals in the armed services that took effect in October of ’93. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy allows gays to serve as long as they are silent about their sexual orientation and do not engage in homosexual acts. Clinton’s intention was to make it easier for gays and lesbians to serve in the armed forces.” However, due to the new policy, it has made life harder for gays. There is a huge movement of gays and lesbians that started decades ago, demanding fair rights and equality just as every other citizen. Members of this movement have taken the repeal of the DADT policy head on, in hopes of resulting in an end to discrimination on homosexuals all over the United States. The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military policy should be repealed in the United States because it defeats that unifying character of honesty in any armed forces, and holds the country back from experiencing true freedom.

Once sworn into any branch of the military, soldiers are held accountable for making truth and honesty their top priority. Although this is true for any division of the combat services in America, certain soldiers are forced to break such conduct. The rules are being fragmented by these soldiers on accountability of the DADT policy. Men and women are only allowed to serve if they are silent about their homosexual orientation and the lifestyle they obtain outside of camp grounds. In essence, they are being asked to lie about who they truly are and hide the actuality of their real lives. Lying is forced onto these soldiers, which greatly goes against their guidelines. For a country that holds the priority of truth to high extremes, having their soldiers lie seems to go against the American way. The military is a symbol of national unity and strength, but how is this so if we are segregating gay and lesbians and not allowing them to serve openly but with a closed mouth?

When the military service comes across any problem or unpleasant situations, they are trained to derive a solution in a quick and efficient manner. The solution for this military problem, in regards to this repeal with how to handle homosexuals in the military, can surely be handled in a clear understandable method; allowing gays and lesbians to serve for their loving country openly and free. In an article conducted on active service men and their acceptance on with having a homosexual in their brigade and fighting side by side them, a service man stated, “I saw great officers, great leaders, who had to resign their commission because they wanted to live by Army values, and they feel that it’s inconsistent with those values to live a lie. I was deeply troubled when I saw talented soldiers being replaced by mediocre ones because of DADT.”

Based on Gross’ article and his personal experiences with interviewing soldiers in active duty about this heated debate, these soldiers are comfortable with having a gay comrade in their platoon. Another interviewed soldier adds, “Homosexual conduct happens every single day, all over the place, in every military installation in the world. For sure, in the infantry.”

Gay and lesbians are currently present in the military, and in some cases, are open with their sexuality to all of the other soldiers and officers. It’s these examples that we as a country should acknowledge. We should recognize that the repeal has been taken into our own hands and regulation still remains, as they are able to carry out orders. The country should take these circumstances into consideration when determining the final decision on the DADT policy. Some concerns for the opposing side on the repeal worry that if gays join the military after allowance of them to serve openly, the basic training process will be unfit and beat them down. Sergeant training officers are to prepare soldiers for any and everything, by all means; in a nutshell they are to break them down and build each soldier’s morale and character up to withstand any situations. Those opposing the repeal fret that the soldiers who wish to serve openly will be targeted based on their sexuality when a training officer is “building their morale up by breaking it down to construct up the new.” An amazingly easy fix to this apprehension is to simply not allow the commanding training officer to target soldiers for their sexuality. If the worry is they will get targeted for being gay, set rules and restrictions for other soldiers on allowance of misconduct. Just as there are rules for discrimination on any colored race, homosexuals should fall under the same jurisdiction. You wouldn’t call an African American any slur term that discriminates against them based on the color of their skin; the military should follow the same proceedings with homosexuals. 

America is the land of the free, and people from all over the world come here to escape their difficulties from their own homeland, but the detail of this myth is greatly distorted today. This country is set out to be the one place on the planet people can come everywhere and have this sacred freedom we all yearn for. Such policy as the DADT holds this country back from granting full liberty and equality to all its citizens, and contradicts the principal of freedom we hold and are known for in the United States. Most other NATO nations permit homosexuals to openly serve in their military forces and seem to have no corruption of their underlying fundamentals. If their military branches have allowance for gays and lesbians to fight for their country in today’s time, being leaders of the world, our country should follow and set the acceptance for homosexuals all over. On average, gays and lesbians are held accountable to pay more taxes than the typical heterosexual, they cannot fully marry their loved ones in any state they please, and are even inhibited on adopting children of their own. The amount of constraints these civilians are held to is enormous, and significantly hinders America from being true to its core values.

The ultimate sacrifice a human can give is his own life. If you are willing to fight for your country and give this ultimate expense, at no cost, should you be held back due to your sexual orientation? America is mistaken in its attempts to hold homosexuals from serving in its armed services. When President Obama began to campaign at the beginning of his race for presidency, he made a pledge to have change in America and create a more open and accepting home front; he even went as far as stating he would repeal the DADT policy in his term of office. Obama should follow up on his word and repeal the policy that currently holds us back; after all he is the president of the United States, and needs to set the right example for all citizens. When the president takes on the subject of the repeal on the DADT policy, it is important that he brings those of opposing views into consideration. Yes the policy needs to be abolished, but there needs to be a fair play and consideration of both sides when discussing the repeal. Obama has to create a bipartisan approach to ending DADT. For a country that declares fairness and justice to all around the world, America needs to start off at home by allowing gays to serve openly in the military. DADT goes beyond the military and reflects the United States’ wrongful attitude toward homosexuals.  

Over the years, this has grown into a heated debate, from politics to employment and to child adoption, but the moment is coming where gays will have their rights. Times are constantly changing, and, as a whole, this country is becoming more free and acceptable to all inhabitants of human kind. In the last leg of this race, homosexuals are fighting for their freedom in an understanding routine, and, rightfully so, are determined to take down the military’s restrictions held against them. It is time America becomes the country it declares itself to be, it’s time we man up as citizens and stop discriminating against our brothers and sisters of this free land, and it is time for homosexuals to have a voice. Those against this repeal, take these thoughts into consideration before you make judgment on any homosexual: What if it was your child, son, or daughter that was being wrongfully denied to serve their country after they have made the choice to fight for the land you walk on? What if it was your loved one that is being tormented, segregated, and looked down upon all because of one policy that still exists in this country that has restrictions holding them back from fully being accepted? Don’t be like many political figures in the public eye that carry the blood of dead teenage boys and girls, who have killed themselves because this country and the citizens within do not fully accept them for being beautiful human beings.



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