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Bravo to Bill Richardson for Having the Guts to Call Hillary Clinton

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How, I wonder, did Bill Richardson prop himself up to make the call to Hillary, which was sure to get testy, if not actually nasty, once she heard he’d decided to endorse Obama? This is the sort of news one dreads communicating, right up there with, “We shouldn’t have had unprotected sex,” and “I’ve fallen in love with someone else.” Okay, maybe even worse since Richardson had held two senior positions with the Clinton administration and Bill had recently flown to New Mexico to watch the Super Bowl with him, part of team Clinton’s effort to secure his support.

Richardson could have made it easier on himself by continuing to dodge calls from the Clintons and letting Hillary see him at Obama’s side on CNN or opting for the cowardly route, sending an e-mail that read, “I’m coming out for Obama, but SNL will do a truly hilarious sketch about your friends deserting you that will end up boosting your ratings more than having me on board. LOL, Bill.”

Richardson deserves credit for imparting this unwelcome message in a menchy way.


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