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Breeders vs. Individuals

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I have to say, as a volunteer for a local humane society, that breeders could very well create the larger population of sheltered or rescued dogs, but that is not to say owners are responsible for much less.

The way I see it, people who insist on breeding dogs, weather they are purebreds to be sold or dogs not sterilized and unattended to reproduce, are responsible for the numbers in our shelters today, typically awaiting euthanasia.

The key is usually education when it comes to individual dog owners, or just one trip to their local kill shelter. This will not stop the abuse by evil people, but is key to raising the next generation of dog owners as compassionate and responsible towards other living creatures.

The majority of breeders are in it for the money and do the most damage, in my opinion. I have seen the breeder who loves the breed, their dogs, and their reputation more than their profit and they are to be commended, but are too few. We have a good third of our shelter dogs that are purebreds because of mills and irresponsible breeders who don't keep a follow up contract, care who they sell to, or how many dogs they produce to sell.

These breeders are the very ones that should be most responsible and educated in their line of work and as role models. They have the biggest responsibility since they chose a line of work that does bring life into an already crowded market. Thus, I believe it is the bad breeder who should ultimately shoulder the most blame as well as the greater retribution.

There is little we can do to prevent, foresee, or end the gross abuse perpetrated by evil people upon innocent animals, but a breeder is going to be more visible and easier to be held responsible. They have the responsibility of sterilizing, breeding selectively, selling selectively, following up on each life they bring into the world, being educated and educating their buyers, regardless of profit and should be held most accountable.

And if anyone wants to imagine individual owners creating more shelter dogs than breeders, then they should really do a little bit of research and look especially at the rescue of 980 dogs in Carrol County, VA, by the H.S.U.S.. Just visit the H.S.U.S. website at: nts/puppy_mill_investigation_110807.html and then show me an individual owner who can compare to these numbers. And although these numbers are high for this rescue, it is not uncommon for each rescue of puppy mill dogs to be in the hundreds. These poor dogs live in their own filth, burning their paw pads, and never get out of their cage, forced to have back to back litters with little or no health care or comfort.

If we could reach or regulate these people I believe it would have the greatest impact on our overcrowded shelters, overworked caretakers, and most importantly, the numbers of euthanized living beings .  Many major cities with the highest euthanasia rates have taken the first step by passing laws for mandatory spay/neuter for individual's a positive start to ending mass euthanasia.

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