The Bully Project: A Special Edition

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< I'm back here again! I'm going to tell you about how you should not bully! Bullying is something that can happen anywhere. From school to your very own home. If you see someone getting bullied, tell somebody. It save a life and you could be a hero! There are many types of bullying. Physical, verbal, emotinal, and cyber are a major way to bully someone. Physical is punching, hitting, slapping, kicking, or any other way to hurt someone with your body. Verbal is calling people names like fat, ugly, stupid, dumb, retarded, or any other rude words that come out your mouth. Emotinal is spreading rumors about somebody. Cyber is calling people names and other stuff on the internet. Now I was bullied and it hurts but you shouldn't bully. We have to many mean people on this earth and we don't need anymore! If you get bullied, stand up for yourrself. If somebody hits you, you say, "Stop!" You don't hit the person back. They could say you started it first and you will get in trouble. Don't add fuel to the fire. If someone calls you a name you say, "I am not that and I will never be that." Then you walk away. Or you say something that doesn't make sense and walk away. Say, "Shoes don't talk." Then go. The bully will be confused and trying to find out what you mean and probably won't notice you left! If you find out someone is spreading rumors about you, talk to the person. Ask them to stop. If they don't and people keep saying bad stuff about you because someone is spreading rumors, tell someone. If someone is cyber bullying you on the computer, ignore it and delete it! Don't let anyone bully you. Stand up for yourself. BE A HERO!!!


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