Buy Art, Make Yours a “Most Loved Community”

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Many of us believe that the arts are a necessity for many reasons, most of them personal and not as a numbers game. Even without knowing a lot about art per se, we can all appreciate its energy and the powerful effect it has on our lives and livelihoods.

Our imagination is engaged with our art experiences, of course. But did you know that our place of living is financially enriched by its presence? Studies show that where there is art and cultural enrichment, there is a social and economic vitality in a community.

Happily, this translates into economic boon in any financial climate. Many Colorado civic and state programs have policies where each project must earmark funds from their budgets to art for that immediate community. The action of adding art to the architectural projects bears out facts and numbers for continued economic health after the construction dust settles.

It is astounding to find out that the data and numbers for revenues generated from the arts in Colorado to be in the billions of dollars on an annual basis. In addition to this community cultural strength, the real estate and merchant economies are at their strongest because the active arts communities are places that attract and keep people; buyers wish to visit and belong to highly enriched cultural places.

In our Colorado Front Range area alone, the arts/cultural dollars each year result in more new dollars circulating there than sports, ski resorts, and other “famous” Colorado activities combined. The arts are one of the largest dollar creation entities in the United States, offering thousands of jobs and investment opportunities overall in the creative sector known as the “creative industries.”

Whether you are purchasing art for your personal collection, your corporation, or your community, you can take satisfaction in that art has tremendous power and the energy for yourself as you share the art with others.


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