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Camp Okeechobee, October 4 Journal

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OCTOBER 4, 2011

Realized when I was reading my last passage, what it reminds me of The Runaway’s Diary by Marilyn Harris. LOVED that book. I used to read it like once per year since sixth grade. I still have it somewhere.

Also realized when I came onto this site and I saw here it said “return to my studio” it gave me a great sense of peace. I love when I find things like that.

if I ever get to travel again, either sightseeing or something more unique, I think I’ll blog it somewhere like the guy that was walking the Appalachian Trail—he was injured though, that was a few years ago. What a great goal. Kind of like people who used to get in their cars and leave everything and follow the grateful dead all over North America, for months or a year or until money ran out. Yay!  That’s living. All we do now is take real short trips between three and five days mostly. One year (eighteen months really) we took seven three-day trips, that was worth it. But it’s still not the same as flying out somewhere, getting on a tour bus and sightseeing somewhere different every single day. I love that.

Nice surprise this morning, a lock was installed on the cupboard, without me having to buy one or have it done. One of the maintenance guys put it on. We have a thief at work that is stealing food on a regular basis and even broke into my car (he had broke into the supervisor before me, his vehicle as well) all of this should have been in the guy’s permanent record so we’d know not to rehire him. The guy ADMITS to stealing and says, well, if it’s open, of course he’ll go in there and see what he can take. Then you say, taking is stealing and he stares at you. What a jerk. You can’t just fire someone for that though, because they can say they didn’t. you have to call the police ... and even then it can become a big thing, so for now we are locking everything up and then scale down his hours to nothing, because our company doesn’t like paying unemployment, if you fire them and they file for unemployment, we have to take them back, but only give them eight hours or eight hours every two weeks. Then if they file, they are crazy as they are filing to receive hardly any money at all, though some people will file anyway and this guy has. I still don’t understand why there is NO NOTATION of his stealing in her permanent record with the company, because I CHECKED before I hired him. Grrrrr. 

cold out this morning, in the 60s I think, but its warming up now, its 72 out right now and the palm trees are swaying in the breeze. Its 9:55 a.m. mornings remind me of summer camp, especially when it’s nice and quiet like this, and brings back odd floods of memory I guess because I am writing lately. One of my “books” as a kid on camp was accepted when I was little. Out of 1,000 entrants of people in the northeast attendng sleep-over camps. All ages, administrators, counselors, campers written from any perspective as long as it was “story”. George, who was an assistant camp director, actually BURNED my winning entry. TWICE. Wonder if my parents sued him, as he and the zuk that did it with him once, should have been, as there was a contract on it. he actually announced that he did it out of jealousy...he submitted a woman named sandy’s, camping manual as his own work, which is not what they were asking for anyway and if he had won, sandy should have sued him for plagiarizing her. Sandy submitted three paragraphs that reminded me of the first few pages of Eleanor Estes book, The Alley which is charming writing, but she couldn’t go further with it, and was hoping they would make a picture book out of the three paragraphs and then started laughing. George simply had nothing to contribute at all. He had just finished his masters and was accustomed to writing collegiate papers ... collegiate aren’t fiction stories about camping. He could have written the folklore stories and his wife who had her masters in French language, would have helped him with that, but he couldn’t put it to paper and was “angry” that no one else wrote their play that way at all in honor of that one summer camp. WTF?  Where is the loyalty, was his point. Hmmm. I had attended about FIVE summer camps as a kid ... loyalty?   You pay tuition and each camp has something to offer. Get real.

My story was about a fictional camp called camp Okeechobee which was located on the top of a huge mountain just over the Georgia state line and the mountain was believed to be a volcano. It was full of caves leading to the interior of the volcano. The mountain was on the Georgia/Florida border and the land design of the cabins and caves was a long inverted W or V. A lot of people gave descriptions like that of the location of cabins because at many camps, that is the style, either v’s or circles. But all of this “bothered” George. with the publisher I got as far as the publisher sending over an artist with four different choices for a cover. It was very exciting and I still don’t understand how the camp didn’t fire George, both for stealing sandy’s stuff and for burning mine. It was a really big deal at the time. I rewrote it as best I could recall and the second time he burned that one as well. Then I started on a third one about cats as characters, but had just begun it and he tore it up as well. He was a teacher during the year and that is what it felt like, like how dare you write this during class, except there was no class and the writing was under contract, it wasn’t his to TOUCH ... WTF?  its “teachers” or administrators like that that make you hate teachers or people in authority in general, when the truth is, when people like that do that kind of thing all that really is is corruption. The guy was fat and a nuisance and had jealousy issues. Perhaps people like that should only work with Special Ed people who they don’t feel threatened by?  Just a guess ... wonder how many people never returned to that camp just because that creep was working there. My guess is they would lose sixty percent.  

Every time I won anything after that, even as an adult, i’d get ominous calls and I am sure he was one of the ones doing that. What an asshole.


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