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Can you Survive Small-Town Life?

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What’s it like to leave a big-city environment for a small town? It depends on where you go. I knew I didn’t want to end up in suburbia. Or as some call it “Generica”—a place comprised of the same chain stores you can find everywhere else.

I wanted to experience “New Ruralism.” As I define that, it includes the best parts of urban and rural life.

Here are a few items from my wish list:

1. Walkable. Few places are as walkable as New York City. Still, I knew I wanted to be in a town that supported walking in the town center (at the very least).

2. Localism. I wanted a place that supported local business and local foods.

3. Proximity. I wanted to be a “reasonable” distance from city life if I wanted to return to the “big city.”

4. Culture. Could I have my cake and eat it too? I wanted a place with a vibrant arts scene.

5. Beauty. If I was going to have an “into nature” experience, I sure as hell wanted it to look nice, too.

What about work? Well, I telecommute as well as work remotely for most of my writing and design clients. Why not move to a place with a lower cost of living?

I think it’s now possible to enjoy small-town life with big city advantages. Join me on my journey as I try to do just that.


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