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Cell Phone Study Suggests Women Rule Evolution

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Men have widely been known as the sex to make the first move when it comes to perusing a love interest. Thanks to a new study by University of Oxford anthropologist Robin Dunbar and his colleagues, however, we now know that women primarily drive the formation of romantic relationships and even more monumental, propel human evolution. That’s right ladies, we’re doing big things.
How exactly did Dunbar and his researchers draw these monumental conclusions? By sifting through 1.95 million cell phone calls and 489 million text messages to determine the relationship patterns that men and women adopt during their lifetimes. That’s a lot of emoticons and LOLs!
Over a seven-month period, researchers analyzed the top three friendships of each cell phone user based on the frequency of communication, looking for patterns in males and females of varying ages.
The results showed that being in love trumps all other forms of friendship for people in their twenties and thirties. They determined this by observing that an individual’s “best friend” during that period is usually someone of the opposite sex, presumably a boyfriend or spouse.
While it’s not too surprising that people pick their love interest over their buddies in their twenties and thirties (people have needs, right?), the attention-grabbing data stemmed from the evolution of male’s and female’s communication patterns.  
Here’s how it panned out: Females call their spouse more than any other person during the first fifteen years of the relationship. After that period, around age fifty, women shift their primary social focus to a younger woman, who researches interpreted as a daughter (not a spry lesbian lover, get your head out of the gutter!). Men on the other hand call their spouse more than any other person for only a seven-year period. They then start contacting their friends more frequently.
Phone records also disclosed that women have much more intense, one-one-one friendships with people of the same sex that they maintain and shape throughout their life, whereas men appeared to have a much more casual approach to friendship. Males were not as frequent with their communication and appeared to have multiple friends with an equal ratio of men and women, suggesting more engagement in group activities.
To put it simply, biology shapes female behavior, which in turn affects men. Women are ready to commit to a man at a younger age and thus actively peruse and/or harass their love interest via compulsive texting and frequent phone calls until he gives in. Once the woman snags the man, all is dandy until a precious bundle of joy enters the picture, at which point the woman pushes the old man to the side to develop an oh-so-special mother-daughter bond. Guys pretty much just go with the flow and change their habits based on the woman’s actions. Now who wears the pants in the relationship?
Clearly, women are on a roll. We recently found out that we’re 7 percent more ambitious than guys and now we even rule evolution? Go us!


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