CFLs Can Be Beautiful: The Bright Idea Shade (Pic)

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Thinking green and free, a new light shade that contains both an environmental and social message.

It’s well known that CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs) are much easier on the earth than incandescent bulbs. However they’re not exactly nice to look at, which is why artist Steve Lambert and his crew have produced a beautiful shade that attaches to the CFL. It turns a normal light socket into a gorgeous modern sculpture.

The project also has a social message. It’s released under the Creative Commons license, so anyone is allowed to produce it, sell it, and make a fortune from it, even Target or Wal-Mart. Currently the kit is DIY only, although a small number of samples are available at the Eyebeam bookstore.

The materials used include two types of plastic diffusion sheets available at most photography studio supply stores. The required tools include a pair of scissors, a black pen, a white pen, and computer printer. The design can be downloaded here:

Detailed Instructions can be found on


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