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Chain Reaction

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You were scolded by your boss in the office. You think it was not fair. But you can not get back at your boss because you are afraid you will be loosing your job. So, you went home, you lashed out to anyone that you meet. The office boy, the driver, the maid, or even to your own family. They were hurt and decided to lash out (again) to another person around them. So, the chain reaction from the negative energy is quickly spread around. And it will not stop until there is someone in the chain is patient enough to receive the anger and not try to give it away to somebody else.

I suppose the same thing happens when we decide to do something good or nice to another person. Like a simple smile and morning greeting, probably could cheer someone else’s day. Sometimes people ask us, wow … you seem in a very good mood today. Probably because you have spent the entire day moaning, grumbling, and pouting and snapping at any person that comes to you. Well, sort of like me lately. Of course, just like the negative energy that we spread, often the positive chain reaction could stop at someone who really, really is having a bad day and could not find any good reason why he or she could do something nice to other people.

So, are we going to be the negative spreader or positive spreader to this chain reaction? Hopefully we could all do something good for other people and find our own happiness knowing that giving help could trigger other people to do the same thing. 


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