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Child Sex Offenders in Our Schools (Part 1)

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Wow, when did it come to this; our kids, yours and mine, attending school with sex offenders and there is nothing we can do about it. You know why, because the sex offenders are our children’s peers and all kids have the right to receive an education. I am not here to take issue with the kids being a sex offender in the way that some would think … that I would want the kid removed from my son’s school and sent somewhere else as long as it is not in my neighborhood. I take issue with what is going on in our kids lives … to make them want to do these things the will ultimately have them become sex-offenders is what I have an issue with. To anyone who reads this, if you know how to get in touch with any rappers that are in the industry let them know I have an issue with them and I am not going to stop until they stop showing our kids the wrong way to live in life, stop corrupting our kids. It needs to stop and I am going to do whatever I can to make it stop and the first way is by calling out the rappers and make it known to them that the things they portray in their videos is just trash—plain and simple. I am the Tipper Gore and C. Delores Tucker of the New Millennium and I am not stopping until we get better role models in the media for our kids and have these Rappers stopped.

Sol Ja Boy Tel Em is the first of the many rappers I am going to discuss. Last year everyone was dancing and singing to this new song/rap by this young boy named Sol Ja Boy Tel Em, it was called “Supa Man.” It had a beat and a little dance to go with it, what more could any up and coming Rapper want. This song/rap was shooting up the charts and then it was being played at sports events so it became a cross over, even better. Then the true meaning of its lyrics were starting to be understood and for some, not many, but for some Supa Man was not all that Super. When you listen to the lyrics, you hear Sol Ja Boy after a few line say “Now Supa Man that Oh” for the children, what he really says is “Now Super Man that HO.” I had received an email telling me the meaning of this little song and dance and wanted to scream.

This little “rap” is about how a guy gets back at his girl because she does not want to have sex with him. He cums on her back and sticks a sheet to it so it will be stuck to her back. When she wakes up in the morning the sheet is stuck to her back like Super Mans Cape, she has just been “Super Maned.” Kids all across America have been singing and dancing to this song like it was just the cutest thing in the world, moms and dads are like “Aww don’t they look cute.” Just like we need to make sure our kids have the right foods taken into their bodies for nourishment, the same is needed for their minds to develop properly.  

Over the past year I have seen some of the most disturbing things happening to our young girls, they are being treated as if they are sex toys and nothing more like it’s the most normal thing in the world for them and that is not right. The larger community abroad knows that this is pathological but in the rap world, those who follow it and Pedophiles know that when these kids emulate what they see in these videos that it is a fine line they are crossing. In Ohio, a ten-year-old girl was impregnated by a forty-year-old, her mother’s boyfriend who was not supposed to be in the house from previous court orders.

VH1 did a documentary on what it takes to become a “video girl,” the primary girl the guys want in the video. The pretty girls, the girls with the most butt and breast to show in the video. Thousand of girls will show up for maybe one or two of the coveted spots’ for the primary girl, most will be extras with no pay. They extras will be background girls for the video, which is fine for most they get to be “seen” in a video.

Over the years women in videos have lost more and more clothing and the videos are starting to look more like soft-core porn. BET had at one point set aside the wee hours of the night time for videos that were more risqué’ called BET After Hours. Here you could see the infamous Nelly video where he takes a credit card and swipes it down the butt crack of a girl in the video. You will be hard pressed now to find a music video where a woman is fully clothed and not gyrating her body, usually her butt on the genitals of the rapper.

On the video shoot the producers and the artists (s) talk, (prey)on the young women who want to be “seen” in the video and the ones who will do “anything” to be “seen” in the video. There are a few select women who have agents (See VH1 Candy Girls a reality show for video girls) they are usually the ones who get to be the primary girl spot in the video. They get hair, make-up, and wardrobe and paid a decent salary for their time on the set. The extras may get a couple of dollars for their time if that, for the most part if they are paid it will break down to a little more than minimum wage against the amount of time they spend on the set. Now the ones who are trying to become the “primary girl” without an agent will let whoever needs to know that they are willing to do “anything” to become a “primary girl” on the video shoot. That “anything” could mean, will mean having sex with the artists’ lackeys and friends first or whoever to get what she wants sometimes. This girl most likely does not get in the video because while she was busy “doing” guys in the trailer the video was being shot. Most of these girls want to be an “actress” and think this is a way to be seen, but what they are really after is the artist or one of his boys to become a ride-a-long groupie. A girl who will ride along with the group to the shows all the while she is being passed around like a joint. Maybe even with joint because drugs and alcohol play a major part in these guys so called “game.”

Our kids watch this trash day in and day out and it has had such a pathological effect on them. Kids, the youth of today as young as five think it is ok for them to emulate to copy what these guys do and it has gotten a lot of kids (girls and boys )in more trouble than they ever thought, becoming juvenile sex offenders before they should even know what that actually means and their lives are ruined forever .

This act of simulating sex on videos when the girl gyrates her butt on the artists’ genitals has been seen in kids as young as six, seven, and eight. I was sent an email of a video titled “This is not cute.” In this video you see a group of kids, it looks like a birthday party and everyone is in a circle and in the middle you see a few kids dancing. The camera focuses in on a little girl of about seven and a little boy about the same age and they are “dancing.” This little girl backs her butt up to the little boys genitals grinds on them. He grabs her hips and starts to pump her from behind like they are having sex, this little girl has been practicing what she is doing because she is bucking her back like she knows this what to do this little girl is sweating, she is putting in “work.” When you thought it couldn’t get any worse it does, the little girl drops to the ground and the little boy get behind her again and they are doing it “doggie style” and I mean they are doing it as if they have done it before from the way they are going at it. I wanted to cry because they are simulating sex and nothing more this is not dancing at all this is what you can see in any music video from a “rapper.” Now you ask where are the parents, well they are the ones who are cheering the kids on like it is the best thing in the world. I wanted to jump through the screen and strangle the parents; these parents will be the same ones yelling at a teacher when their kids are failing school.

People we need to do something in a collective effort to save our kids from this non-sense and we need to do something now or our kids will never know what it means to be a kid ever again. Parents, we are the only ones truly responsible for our kids actions and we are the ones who should be held responsible for what they do I am a firm believer in this. Now who is with me and what are we going to do to stop this madness and take our kids back and give them the childhood they deserve.


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