Chile’s Agricultural Crisis

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Situated south of Peru and west of Bolivia and Argentina, Chile fills a narrow 2,880-mile strip between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The country is one of the leading industrial nations within Latin America, however their economy is mostly mineral and resource based. Chile’s main exports are copper, fish, fruit, minerals, and wood. For years, the Chilean government has been cutting down the natural forests that surround the beautiful country, and have been replacing them with artificial tree farms. Here are some interesting facts about Chile, and how the country might be in trouble in twenty years.

1. Chile has the last two temperate rain forests on Earth.

2. 90 percent of all plants and animals found in Chile can only be found in Chile.

3. Nearly 88 percent of the Chilean Economy’s profit comes from natural resources found in these forests.

4. If continued deforestation were to occur, Chile’s forests would be gone in twenty years.

5. The Chilean Government plants artificial tree plantations, not even a third of the original size cut down.

My goal is to simply open some eyes to see the problem that Chile is facing. Not only will the country be depleted of resources in nearly twenty years, but the world would lose its last two world treasures in the temperate rainforests. The Chilean government must do something to protect these national treasures. Some possible solutions can include:

1. The Chilean government must work internationally with major wood buyers like the U.S and Japan to reduce deforestation, the government must set up restrictions or laws protecting the area around the last two rainforests to ensure safety.

2. The Chilean Government must work internally to reduce and re-use waste paper.

3. The Chilean government must cut off connections with Japan. Japan is the only buyer of wood chips from Chile, and wood chips are the leading cause of deforestation.

The rainforests in Chile are in danger, in twenty years they will be gone along with multiple species that flourished in Chile for all these years. Please, lets protect their home and our environment as well.


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