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The English alphabet has twenty-six letters. There are a number of words beginning with each letter. I have chosen a positive and a negative for each letter.

A Affectionate / Arrogant
B Beautiful/Bestial
C Confident/Cruel
D Decent/Debauch
E Enterprising/Egoist
F Faithful/Faithless
G Gracious/Greedy
H Honest/Haughty
I Idealist/Imperious
J Just/Jealous
K Kindhearted/Kitsch
L Loving/Licentious
M Merry/Malicious
N Nice/Nasty
O Original/Obnoxious
P Pious/Pervert
Q Quiet/Quack
R Rational/Rude
S Strong/Selfish
T Tactful/Traitor
U Upbeat/Unkind
V Venturesome/Vainglorious
W Wise/Weak
X Xmas/Xenophobia
Y Yogi/Yokel
Z Zeal/Zealot

Even though each letter has good and bad words originating from it, we will choose to teach our child only good words beginning with each letter .So it is about choices in life The situation like the letter remains the same, it is our reaction to it that differs. We can choose to react in a positive manner or we can deal with it in a negative way. It is our response to a situation that makes or mars our life and relationship. So before reacting, we must decide and act accordingly. Personally I feel life is too small, so try and make a happy choice.




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