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Civic Frenzy

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Theories and hypotheses of all kinds are flying around about what will happen this Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

A historic election for multiple reasons, this November 4 is almost making me ill.

It’s like a two-year gestation period, and we are about to give birth to … we know not what! A three-headed monster? A baby … unicorn? Twins? How can we be excited when we don’t know what we’re looking forward to?

I suppose there are critics out there who think anything but Bush is a welcome change. But that’s been a long time coming. That we knew was going to end. It’s more the suspense of the unknown future we will inherit.

We are a very diverse and often divided country. If nothing else, this election has revealed the deep fissures that exist across our land. It’s not us versus the candidates, its us versus our common man, our common citizen that we so often imagine is more like us that he really is.

Tomorrow the long countdown comes to an end. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be a little anticlimactic. The starting gun is fired, and one horse steps slowly and cautiously out of the starting gate.


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