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Clowns in the Pulpit

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Today’s economy has taken a lot of entertaining outlets out of our budgets. But one that remains free is the church. You can almost find just about anything if you chose to look. I sit out on my pew that I claim every Sunday, wondering what’s coming up today.

Nothing ever amaze me anymore. The best entertainment always comes from the visiting ministers. Somehow they don’t mind what people think of them, because they are just visiting anyway. Some topics run nowhere near to Scripture that he just read out of the good book. They get to babbling about Whoopi Goldberg, mug faces and bad attitudes. What does this have anything to do with Second Timothy two fifteen, or First John two eleven?

I’ve seen running, skipping, jumping, hopping, and miniature round-abouts. It’s also somewhat comical; sometimes I feel as though I’m sitting in a comedy club with no waitresses, waiters, or drinks. It’s good to laugh, but I come to hear a word from the Lord. How can you possibly have respect for a minister that doesn’t have any for himself? Then they wonder why people are not attending as they should. If they go back to preaching and leave the entertaining out of it, they probably will return. Or not. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


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