Coaches on the Edge Are Having a Dog Day Afternoon

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Laurie: I have to be careful how I write this because I have puppy-loving, cat-kissing Elizabeth looking over my shoulder. But I’m going to risk it anyway.

Elizabeth: Hey Laurie, have no fear. I might be an animal lover but I have never owned anything with the likeness of a cute puppy or kitten on it. But everything I own has cat and dog hair all over it. So rant on. Don’t mind me while I use my lint roller all over my house.

Laurie: Twenty-four-year-old Yale student Annie Le’s body was found in a laboratory that housed her experiment. Recently an animal research technician who shared the laboratory was arrested for her death. Details have not been released, but already justifications have begun. He was a “control freak” and very concerned about Le’s supposedly mishandling of the mice used in experiments. PETA, are you listening? Will we really be surprised when the defense attorney attempts to present his client as an “animal rights advocate” that just went a “little overboard?” Not me. 

Elizabeth: I think we need to separate the alleged killer from being an animal rights advocate. If this guy lost it because a mouse cage was not cleaned to his specifications, then we are talking about a control freak that showed so little regard for anything by killing this young Yale graduate student. My God, they found her body on the day of her wedding, stuffed into a wall. This is an act of murder by a ruthless killer and not some animal lover who lost his cool. He’s an animal rights advocate. Screw that noise. I think PETA and its members would agree.

Laurie: Michael Vick is quite possibly the most hated man in America. And this is after he served two years in prison and has now converted to ASPCA spokesman. And of course, what he did with dogs was absolutely despicable. Who on earth could condone the torture and abuse of a dog? Or any animal, including mice? Even hard-hearted I have been known to gently escort bugs out of my apartment. But we have had highly-paid professional athletes abuse, rape, and even kill people and never spend a day in jail.

Where are our priorities and how do we justify our outrage (or lack thereof)? I am not saying it is okay to abuse any living thing (I cry when I throw out plants) but I think we need to feel as much outrage for humans as we do for fetuses and animals. Somewhere in the heads of misguided people it is just fine to kill an abortion doctor because he is in the business of taking lives. That is some twisted maze you got going on in your mind there, buddy. And sorry, but if I have to choose between my momma and a mouse, Moms is coming out on top. Okay, Elizabeth, go for it. I’m ready!

elizabeth: I don’t think I would want to be in the same state of someone who has strangled, drowned, shot, or destroyed a dog and then claim that it is a sport. If you Google “the link between animal abuse and serial killers,” you will be stunned. Researchers, as well as the FBI and other law enforcement agencies nationwide, have linked animal cruelty to domestic violence, child abuse, serial killings, and to the recent rash of killings by school-age children, according to Dr. Randall Lockwood, vice president of Training Initiatives for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Good old Jeffrey Dahmer, who did unthinkable things to young men, was known to impale a dog or two. The two young Columbine killers were also animal abusers.

The studies on this subject can make you want to lie down and cry for all involved. But you know what—there is forgiveness for someone who has done something bad, but in this case, I don’t think becoming an ASPCA spokesperson is the answer. Not unless Vick is getting intensive psychological therapy. I think our society has got to take a long hard look at this form of “acceptable” torture and at the reasons why it is happening. It is a national disgrace to turn a blind eye to what child abuse can lead to in some cases. If Michael Vicks does not get the help he needs for life, then for the life of me I will not forgive him.

 I think what I am trying to say is if we don’t help these people or put these people away for what they have done to animals, then none of us are safe. Including our four-legged friends.

Laurie: Who would you want to be taking that long hard look? The United States who just a year ago condoned the torture of humans during interrogations if necessary? Or maybe the Church who shifts priests around after they have abused little boys? Why is it so easy for people to stand up for animals and ignore what we are doing to humans? I want to see the outrage for the people being tortured and abused first. Then we can go back to spitting on Vick. 


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