A Community Was Born

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I thought I was ready to start writing about my own life. But wait, the chapters in my life had not even begun. The culmination of my journey is still in the making. I must be in harmony with nature. I can not rush this precious life. I must take things one day at a time. I am getting too far ahead. Let me enjoy my young life and stop to smell the roses.

For several months now, I have experienced something so wonderful and wholesome. It is so remarkable that no book could ever deliver the events that I have delved into. It is a hands-on experience. It is all because of my accidental meeting with this young girl from the Philippines. Her name is Charice. That is all that’s needed. Please remember that name. Charice is the embodiment of a young child who survived the adversity of life itself but somehow was able to turned it around and come out on top. All these negative events from her home country and from her own violent father were washed away and became a thing of the past, never to haunt her again.

Without any doubt, Charice was gifted by the Almighty Lord with a voice that could reach the sky. The floodgates of heaven opened up and showered her with immeasurable blessings and good fortune. Everyone was caught in awe. Her rapid rise to stardom was unbelievable.

We were all spellbound. We became loyal followers. Even the powerful U.S. entertainment moguls did not escape the charisma and magnetism of Charice. She is so sweet, humble, unassuming, and a sometimes playful child whose only briefcase contains her childhood dreams. Dreams to be accepted and loved as a singer. To meet and sing with her own idols, like Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. She had brought her full game, and Americans like Oprah, Ellen, and David were the first three “angels” so to speak, to believe in her god-given talent. They were convinced that this child from the Philippines was special, and deserved to be given all the chances to make her childhood dream come true.

My personal adulation for Charice is like having a younger sister whom I need to protect at all times. I am a year older than her. Although, we were not from the same country but I feel that our lives are forever intertwined. I only have her best interest in mind.

Charice performances as shown on YouTube spread like wildfire. It is unstoppable. This is when a sense of community was born. A throng of ever-loving fans from across the globe sprouted like mushrooms,  in every continent, from the U.S. to Canada, from Asia to the Middle East, from down under Australia and New Zealand, and of course from her home country, the Philippines.

The love and support of the fans, a commingling of diverse nationalities from Filipinos to Koreans and to other Asians, Caucasians and Blacks, the likes of Muhammad Ali and Latinos had become a community bonded together in one common ideal.

This month of May 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada, had never witnessed throngs of fanatics to see, and support their Filipino idols. Thousands came on May 2 to see their fighter, Mr. Manny Pacman Pacquiao. Then the following weekend of May 9, a second set of thousands of enthusiastic Filipinos came from all parts of the world to see their girl Charice. These great events only happen when people come into a sense of community in adoration of their idol. It is like a repeat of Woodstock. It is a pilgrimage.

My on-hand experience with the group called “Chasters” or “ChariceManiacs” is so amazing that I can not begin to tell what really “hit” me. I am a quiet, calm, composed young student. I do have a lot of varied interest but never in my young life did I exhibit such adulation for an artist, much more coming from a faraway country where I never been to before.

But to me, all of those things don’t matter. When I saw her perform in Mandalay Bay Resort in May 23, 2008, I am drawn to believe that Charice is the best one for me. No more, no less. She had come into my life when I least expected it. I was hurting, and all my pain deep inside had slowly vanished. From the moment I watched her performance on YT of the songs, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Try it On My Own,” I knew right there, and then that I will have to follow this exceptional child with a BIG VOICE.

In my involvement with ChariceMania fan site, I have discovered the ultimate in fellowship, respect, camaraderie, and, most of all, love. I found a Filipino woman friend currently residing in Japan. During the time that I was grieving the loss of my beloved grandmother, the Chasters were there to offer their shoulder and heartfelt condolences. I was never alone. I found loving brothers and sisters, like justcharrie, charice4ever, munzt, Pete Easy, muskrat, lololando, charade, tush_fetish, Henri_V, and a dozen more “Knights in shining armor,” and others, I don’t mean to leave you out.

One more remarkable event that I have witnessed was during the upcoming David Foster and Friends Concert #2. Although due to school commitment, I was not able to participate but I heard that the fan site was able to organize and pulled through a monumental task of giving a birthday party to Charice on May 10, 2009. I was able to communicate with the brain child (leader) named GM Maria Manalo whose leadership, dedication, and untiring efforts was pivotal to the success of the events. In her email to me, she was apologetic that she was not able to do much posting on the site because she was so busy putting the event together. She even mentioned that the birthday cake was so expensive. She said, “I feel like I bought a wedding cake for 250 people.” But she sighed relief and said that she was done shopping for Charice birthday gift and also for Mommy Raquel’s Mother’s Day present. Then, she said now is just a matter of two days before we all fly to Vegas.

This is so remarkable, taking into account that these people are all unpaid volunteers doing what they believe is right for their idol Charice. Now, how do you thank these bands of “angels”?

It does not end here, I even read that on May 8, they saw GM Maria at the airport checking through security, and carrying the heavy Karaoke machine which will be the grand prize for the birthday party drawings. Everyone knows how difficult it is to pass through TSA Security in any airport. You tell me, I traveled frequently attending medical student’s conferences. I do not enjoy airport security checks at all. Much more when you are loaded with a bunch of stuff to be screened. Several times they confiscated my bottled water which is my only choice of drink.

It is so uncanny what people are driven to do good for another human being. There is so much love and generosity. I firmly believe that the innate goodness in humankind is alive and well as demonstrated by Ms. GM Maria. My hat’s off to you Ms. GM Maria. May God reward you abundantly and your loved ones, too.

It is all done for the love of Charice Pempengco. A ChariceMania community was born. Like what my justcharrie friend had stated, “Come join the bandwagon!” That’s my friend.

As long as you have a genuine love for Charice, you are a member, no fee, no credit check. Please visit and experience a whole new world of ChariCity. Once you become a member, I won’t be responsible if you become a Charice “addict.” But don’t you worry, you will be given the freedom to “Speak your Mind.” But be careful not to step on other peoples toes. It is a twenty-four hour fun. So practice calm and restraint.


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