Containers to Clinics

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What would you do with a global surplus of shipping containers? If you’re Elizabeth Sheehan, you use a lifetime of international emergency medicine experience and a keen business mind to start Containers to Clinics (C2C) and turn a recycling nightmare into a portable healthcare delivery system. It turns out that those abandoned shipping containers can be converted into low-maintenance healthcare clinics that can easily be transported to wherever they’re needed most. We spoke with her at and are so impressed with C2C and their mission.

Elizabeth was inspired to act after witnessing how a lack of access to healthcare costs lives and destroys communities around the world. Did you know that of the 10 million children dying in the world today, 50 percent of them are dying from easily treatable illnesses? Elizabeth’s goal with C2C is to provide not only the facilities and medical supplies to prevent such unnecessary deaths, but also the training to make each clinic a sustainable operation for the local people. After partnering with many architects, medical suppliers, governments and donors, C2C is ready to launch its first pilot clinic in January in the Dominican Republic.

C2C has plans to deploy many more of these shipping-container clinics around the world, and we’d like to help. As the holiday season winds down, we’re asking the Daily Grommet community to give one more gift: the gift of health and hope. Your donation will bring vital healthcare to the needy and help prevent unnecessary deaths due to lack of access to care. As an added bonus, a generous friend has agreed to match all donations made through Daily Grommet (up to $10,000) until 6:00 p.m. EST Dec. 31, 2009. What better gift is there to give?

Watch our interview with Containers to Clinics founder and make a donation here at Daily Grommet. We at Daily Grommet appreciate so much what C2C is providing for those most in need and hope you will watch and give. Thank you for caring! 

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