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Today CosmoGIRL! and The White House Project released groundbreaking poll results conducted on young women and leadership. In the study, approximately 1,000 young women (98.4 percent) and a few young men (1.6 percent) were asked questions about the upcoming election and women’s role in our country’s leadership. Here are some of our most interesting findings:

  • 88 percent of young women are comfortable with a woman as president
  • Most young women (83 percent) believe that a woman can balance being the President of the United States while raising children
  • 97 percent of young women believe that there will be pressure on the first woman president to prove a woman can do the job so future women can also run for office.

This generation of young women is truly ready for  a woman president. If you want to know more about what the American girls think, click here for all the poll results.

After three weeks of speaking with young women in Australia, Marie is back in the office sharing stories from her time abroad. 

“I have learned so much from the girls of Australia, not the least of which is that The White House Project message and mission are the right ones in this world. It spoke to them deeply, as it has to young women in America. Females, young and old, foreign or domestic, are truly trying to live by the old English definition of courage: ‘To speak your mind by telling all your heart.’ If we listen, we will get all the encouragement we need.”

Marie returned to the U.S. motivated by Australia’s young women and invigorated to give women the encouragement they need to be leaders in their communities, countries, and around the world.  Click here to read the rest of Marie’s final Australia blog. 

We see the excitement in young girls’ eyes around the world—they want to see women leading the way.  We are committed to working to make that vision a reality.

We invite you to Join the Movement in helping us create the future that girls imagine.  Become an active agent of change! Click here to become a member of The White House Project today!

Have a great week!
The White House Project Staff

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