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Crafting with a Heart

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With the economy still bringing us news of layoffs and declined stocks, sometimes it’s good to turn your thoughts to people who have less than you do.

Yesterday, my husband and I attended Milagros del Corazon, a heart auction held every year by the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council in Denver. I learned about this great gallery through a friend on the board where they not only support local artists, but teach children’s art classes where art might not otherwise be available. The hearts are auctioned off and the proceeds make enough money to keep the gallery running for a year—not a bad deal, eh (my heart is in the photo)?

On the same note, my mother-in-law was trying to think up ways to use up her bits of yarn—knitting hats or socks. So, I got to thinking about all the wonderful ways you can do art and craft and donate it to a good cause. And as usual started to surf around and see what was out there on the internet.

One great resource I found is Craftbits, who posted this article that lists a bunch of charities you can give your crafts or spend your time crafting for. Family Crafts on also has a great list here with some duplicates, but some other good suggestions.

So, if you’re a crafter with some time (even on the train or bus to work) perhaps you can turn some of your time and energy to creating items for people who are more in need than you are—look around in your own community and you might find a “pet project” or something that makes you want to craft for others. 

Photo courtesy of Frequently Wrong but Never in Doubt


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