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CyberBullying ... What a Crock!

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There I was, ensconced on my favorite stool down at the diner yesterday getting my daily shot of rotgut coffee that Maude cooks up in her cast iron pot outback. I could not but help to hear a conversation going on beside me. To make a long story short, one guy was complaining to another about his snot nosed, sniveling, whiny assed brat being “cyberbullied.”


The little biscuit snatcher is being bullied online? Oh, please!  Doesn’t the little turd head know where the: A. Delete Button, B. Log Off, or C. Ignore buttons are? Jeezus! Give me a break! 

That begs another question, where the hell are Mom or Dad, for them to allow this to happen, and that begs even another question, do y’all know how to pull the plug out of the wall, open a window, and toss the whole damn computer system out of it?

Next to abusers of any type and Osama Bin Laden, the next thing I really, really, really despise are are snot nosed, whiny assed complainers. Just like TV, you don’t like what you’re watching, either get your fat ass up and change the channel or put your turgid little thumbs to work and work the remote and change the channel.

OH! I’m being cyberbullied! Well, so what? You’re the one sitting there reading all the crap that upsets you, what are you masochistic? If you’re being cyber bullied, it’s because you choose to be! If you don’t like what you read, as soon as you find out where the text is going, delete it, or log off.

This no longer a nation of strong people by what I’m seeing … What I see is a generation of self-styled victims, don’t believe me? Just go to your local courthouse and look at the public records in civil lawsuits filed.

By the way, Maude whips up a great possum smoothie (if you can get past all that short, spiky hair!).


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