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The Day I Met Percocet

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At this point I have had all kinds of tests, biopsies, and scans. You name it, and I have had it. So, when they told me I needed to have a needle biopsy of my collar bone, my first thought was “bring it”. Until I remembered that it was broken due to a tumor, which then turned my thoughts into oh my #$#%!# !!!!

I have had a needle biopsy before, but this time they were sticking a needle in a fractured bone. I showed up to the procedure pretty optimistic, and thinking I knew what to expect. I would simply have my procedure, go home and sleep it off. No problem, right? Wrong.
Actually, I could have never been so wrong! Never in my life have I been in so much pain. I have heard people say things like “make sure your not chasing the pain”, which essentially means not getting behind on taking your pain medication. Well, by the time I got home there was no pain to chase because it had already ran me flat over. You see, I am not a crier; yet now I was crying like a crazy person and unable to make much sense of anything. My poor husband was running around our apartment grabbing whatever pills he could find saying “what can I do” over and over again. This is the day when I was introduced to Percocet and we became best friends.
In the past, I have never been big on taking drugs and liked to think I had a pretty high tolerance for pain. Now, thanks to this procedure, the prescription for two pills every 4 hours became my life. This is also when I learned a very interesting fact; doctors have to give you a hard copy for a script to take to the pharmacy when prescribing narcotics. Unfortunately, this information was bestowed on me one Saturday when I was down to my last 4 pills. Yes, you heard that right, I was counting them out like a crack head. I was chasing the pain like a pro!
This fateful Saturday is also when I got a small glimpse into the trauma of what a drug addict must go through in order to get the drugs they crave. My husband and I began to make phone calls to the on-call doctors at the hospital, asking for the refills of the Percocet I so desperately needed. They all stated the same thing; they could not prescribe me anything without a hard copy. Finally, (and out of sheer desperation) we went to our local urgent care. I have been there before when I had the flu and needed antibiotics, but this was a totally different story. The doctor came into to the room and I started to cry while I was explaining the situation. No one would help me get the pain pills I so desperately needed. The doctor happily wrote me a script for Percocet, all while talking to me about methadone patches and other crazy shit that I was not at all interested in. I didn’t want to go down this path any further.
I continued to take the Percocet for 2 more weeks and then slowly began to cut back until I finally did not need to take it at all. Yet, during this time I heard alot of people say that due to my condition I would need to take pain meds forever. You see, I understand that pain and discomfort may become an unfortunate part of my life, and there will be times when pain killers are still necessary….. but for now, I’m no longer counting them out like a crack head.


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