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Daycare on the Hill

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For X amount of hours, they sit in one huge room complaining all day about things that can be changed with a stroke of a pen. Isn’t it amazing how educated adults can completely act worse than toddlers? They spit, scream, throw hissy fits, cry, babble, name call, point fingers, stomp, holler, and blame. At the end of the day, many of them may be in need of a diaper change. You ask who am I preferring too? Our Senate, Congress—whoever.

I’m just plain tired of the horse crap that goes on in Washington. We are the people. If I’m wrong, please correct me. But aren’t they supposed to be fighting for the people? Then why have so many of them have taken it so personal? It’s not about them. It’s about the American people. America, at one time, was the most RESPECTED country in the world. Now it’s a mere joke and no country takes us seriously. Wonder why? We can’t find unity among ourselves, why should any other country want to follow our lead when we have no clue how to lead our own country.

I pray that they soon come together and begin to once more focus on the dignity and pride this country once had. That they all come together in peace and harmony to built a better tomorrow for our future. Because I a, sick and tired of paying daycare fees to Washington. I have no babies in Daycare. You get my drift? That’s money that could be well spent somewhere else like fixing the potholes in the road. Get a life, you guys, and get off the training pots. Do the jobs you were elected  and paid to do. We are counting on you!


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