The D.C. Sniper Is Executed

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John Allen Mohammed, the “D.C.Sniper” was executed tonight by lethal injection in Virginia. He professed his innocence all along and had no remarks when asked if he wanted to say something before dying. The gallery was filled with relatives of victims. He and his partner, Jamaican immigrant Lee Boyd Malvo, terrorized the D.C. area for twelve days, killing twelve people at random, and injuring three more. They were random people, just out doing everyday things, pumping gas, shopping, mowing a lawn.

Mohammed was sentenced to death for just one of the deaths, that of Dean Harold Meyers, of Gaithersburg, Md., who ws pumping gas at a Sunoco station just outside Manassas, Va. On-lookers to Mohammed’s execution stated, “There are no winners, when an execution takes place, we aren’t celebrating. It was a sad day for everyone, including the family of Mohammed, who felt great grief for Mohammed’s actions.

I didn’t believe in the death penalty when I was younger. Then I met a woman on an on-line website, whose daughter was brutally slain at the age of eleven. She attended the killer’s execution and maintains a website in honor of her daughter. It brought her little closure. The killer’s death did not bring back her beloved daughter. But it did end the life of the man who slayed her.

I think that life in prison with no chance of parole is an alternate sentence to the death penalty. In my mind, living in an eight-by-eight cage for the rest of my natural life would be worse than going to sleep and never waking up. Few states still use the electric chair, or gas chamber, both of which are much more painful than lethal injection. Of course, prisoners today, no matter what the crime, get to watch TV, visit their families, receive mail, and read an unlimited amount of books. They can get their degrees in prison, at taxpayers’ expense. I can’t go back to school for my bachelor’s degree because I’m disabled and don’t have the money to pay for it.

I think lethal injection is too easy for these people who commit such heinous crimes. An eye for an eye is my thought. Butcher a child, get butchered yourself. Stab someone sixty times, get sixty stabs in return. And I’m tired of reading about the poor childhoods these criminals suffered. I grew up in an abusive household; I was beaten by my father several times a week, and was told I was worthless and wouldn’t amount to anything. But I didn’t go out and shoot twenty people in anger. I went to nursing school and ended up taking care of criminals who were shot or stabbed in retaliation for their crimes. Working in an inner city trauma center really opened my eyes to what crime can do to a person. Innocent people get injured, or killed, but criminals, drunk drivers, or drug addicts.

I also don’t believe in sentencing a person to death in a state that doesn’t act upon the death sentence. New Jersey has several people on death row, but have not executed anyone in a very long time. So, we taxpayers pay for special, isolation cells, and the criminal’s pleas to upper houses of justice, and the lawyer’s fees for all of this because most of these criminals are broke and can’t afford their own lawyers. These people should have one plea heard at a higher court, and if that’s turned down, then that should be it. Of course, in the age of DNA, everyone on death row should have his DNA checked, if possible, against their victims, when appropriate. That way, no one can say someone is on death row unfairly.

If the President wants to cut the budget, perhaps this is a way to cut some costs. No more TVs in the cells. No free phone calls whenever they want. Let them read, or learn to read. Let them pay to go to school past a high school GED. Learn a trade to use if one has the chance to get out of jail in the future. I think you have to witness first hand the carnage of criminals to believe in the death penalty. I would hope you never do, but I have seen too many people die that shouldn’t have, just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I remember most of them. Especially the children.


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