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Dear Rich Person

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Dear rich person,

Here’s why you should be a liberal:

You want to protect your investments. The stock market performs better when a Democrat is in the White House; and some sensible regulations will help protect you from another huge crash. They will also protect your customers, who can then continue to buy your product.

You drive a car. Let’s raise taxes and use the money to hire the unemployed for road and bridge construction. Then you can enjoy a smooth ride and not fall into the river. You will also have more customers when more people are working.

You want to protect the value of your homes. Let’s have Medicare for all so that when your next-door neighbor gets cancer and loses his job, he can avoid foreclosure. (A single-payer health system would also be cheaper for your company and free you from a lot of paperwork.) Better regulation of banks and mortgage brokers should also keep the housing market more stable.

You breathe, eat and drink water. We should strengthen the EPA and FDA.

You want good medical care. When Joe Smith gets the wrong treatment for his illness, his widow’s ability to sue should not be limited, so you will get the right treatment when you come down with the same thing.

You believe in science and want the government to protect you from the disaster of climate change. You want schools to teach real science, including evolution, and leave religion for church and Sunday school. You think the government should support research for your medical care, innovations for your company and improvements in all aspects of your life.

You appreciate our military and don’t want to send Americans to unnecessary wars financed with borrowed money.

You want employees (and doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, teachers, nurses) with skill and knowledge, and support using taxes to educate them.

You need your assistant and don’t want her to quit to care for her elderly mother when there is no more medicaid.

You realize that unions helped create the strong middle class that you need for your business and lifestyle. Reducing the middle class to poverty would create more slums that you have to drive through, beggars getting in your way when you go to the theater, homeless people in the park where you walk your dog, sweatshops that could burn down near the stores where you shop. And, who would buy your product?

You’ve seen in the last thirty years that the conservative policy of reducing taxes and eliminating regulations has weakened our country, increased our debt and led to misery.

Finally, you should be a liberal because you have children who breathe, eat, drive, use credit cards, go to school and will have to live in the America of decades to come. You want that future America to be a good place to live.

Yours truly,

Susan Eberhardt


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