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Debate Without Hate

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The tragedy in Arizona has all of us wondering why. Why did this happen? All the anger spewing back and forth, Republicans vs. Democrats; Right vs. Left, Tea Party vs. Coffee party. Is this lack of civility causing our young people to lose the ability to discern right from wrong? We have lost the habits of being nice to each other. The habits of courtesy that our parents were taught are out of style. Is that loss causing all this anger? 

We may never know what caused this young man to buy that gun and to shoot those people. We may never know his demons. But we know he had mental problem. We know his mind was weak. Could a weak mind resist all the negative imagery of bull’s-eye targets or slogans like “don’t retreat, reload,” “if they bring a knife, we will bring a gun.” 

What we, all Americans, need now is to pledge to be civil. We need to learn, again, how to debate the issues, not the personalities. Demand our politicians stop with negative campaigns. Refuse to vote for those that will not stop. Can we start a true grassroots campaign? Let’s all pledge to debate without hate!


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