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Declaration of Independence

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Contrary to the texts in American History book about how the British treated the colonists badly and the colonies had to rebel in order to be a separate nation, the British never treated them poorly compared to how the colonists treated others. The most important topic in the Declaration of Independence is “all men are created equal; that among these are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” This is an act of absolute hypocrisy, and there is plenty of proof.

Before I go any further, I’d like to mention how the colonists treated Africans. They dehumanized Africans from the very beginning—first of all buying them, enslaving them, treating them as tools, separating them from their families, punishing or killing them whenever they felt like it, putting them under their ships with no space to move, no bathroom, no proper food, no fresh air, neither any ventilation for the entire journey from West Africa until the Americas.

You could argue that this was not what colonists did; it was the British who started slave trade and this was years before the Declaration of Independence. I admit that that, regardless didn’t the colonists continued doing the same thing; trading them, enslaving them, treating them as tools, not paying them, not giving freedom, having the idea that they were superior to the Africans and etc.… Yet they complain about Britain not treating them equally as if they deserve to be treated equally. This is not logical. You treat Africans worse than you treat animals and then expect others to treat you equally; Britain has not done 1/100 of what the colonists did to the Africans to the colonists. Moreover Thomas Jefferson who wrote part of the Declaration of Independence, he himself is a slave owner and yet they say “all men are created equal” What is hypocrisy, if this is not?

Africans were not the only one who treated that way; so were the Native Americans. Colonists referred to them as savages from the very beginning until their independence. Even though the Natives were very helpful to them, they weren’t treated fairly.

Natives were the ones who showed the colonists the correct way, taught them how to cook, harvest corns, grow tobacco, which was very crucial in the beginning of the colonies because if not for tobacco the colonies might not have even existed for there were economical problems during the beginnings, they saved colonists from starvation by giving them food, protected them from cold by teaching them how to make winter clothes and place to live, as a result the colonists survived and the colonists grew.

Despite all these good things Natives have done, they are known as savages and plus they are mistreated. In contrast to that I say that the colonists are savages; they were the ones destroying Native’s homes, who were the ones forcing them to move west, who were the ones doing all these without any proper reason, who were the ones calling them savages without having any form of dialogue with them which is an essence human quality.

Therefore, I conclude that the colonists were savages, not the Native Americans.

Colonists complain about the British violating their religious belief in Britain which resulted in their migration to America, British being hungry for land and money. My first question is; “Is there religious freedom in the colonies? Do you colonists allow freedom of religion?” I am sure the answer would be “Yes” but with no proof. Do you know how Rhode Island became a colony? Anne Hutchinson was a religious woman living in Massachusetts who held informal meetings about faith in her house. In these meeting, she contradicted church leaders by stating her belief that grace was all that was needed for salvation, because of this she was banned from the colony. Well then Hutchinson, along with her family and followers moved away and established Rhode Island.

Did you know that the tax put on the colonies was nothing compared to tax put on the British citizens in Britain. They say Britain was hungry for land when they went to war against the Native Americans and the French, although it was to protect the colonies safety as well as from intruders like the French. Obviously they needed money for the war since war needs guns, ammos, troops, food for the troops, and salary for the troops, transportations and many more; all these were not done for free nor did they fell from the sky, they needed to be bought for money. Hence they need money; therefore they had no other chance but to put taxes on the colonists. Most important of all is that the colonies would never have been existed without Britain, and if it did, it would not have the power to grow without the help of Britain.

As I have mentioned in the beginning that the British did not treated colonists badly and in fact that the colonists were hypocrites; I conclude that the colonies do not deserve independence for the British has helped them and treated them better than the colonies treated Africans as well as Native Americans.


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