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Defending Yourself in the Workplace

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Holy cow. This is a heck of a thing to start off with as a “First Article,” but with everything happening today in the world and at the office, I have to blow steam somewhere … so you guys get it. Hopefully, we can discuss this without using the “F” word or any other of the colorful words I have been treated to today.

To preface this blog, let me explain my world view. Everyone has to have one. Everyone has to believe in something. There is an old country song by Aarron Tippin that states, “You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” How true. So here it is: I am a born again Christian and before you start blasting me for that, please, hear me out. Because believe you me, today, simply because I joined in a discussion as I was asked my opinion, I have been stomped on by some mighty angry people here at my office. My thoughts on this are: if you don’t want to hear my opinion, knowing that I am a born again believer, than darn it—do not ask me! I will answer you to the best of my ability. After all. I am an American and according to the constitution, I too, have the right to free speech. Even if you don’t agree with what I have to say.

It all started with the Obama speech to the Muslim world. Now I don’t know where the rest of you stand, but me? I am not an Obama fan and I expressed this during this debate. Yes, I voted the McCain/Palin ticket. John McCain, although from my home state of Arizona, is still a little too liberal in his stance for me, but I am a big fan of Sarah Palin. I also liked Bush and (gasp) Dick Cheney. My thoughts on Dick Cheney are simple. I’d rather go hunting with him any day, rather than take a Sunday ride with Ted Kennedy. Cheney may be a rotten shot with a shotgun, but he is straight forward and doesn’t mince words. He stands for what he believes in and stands up straight when the entire liberal world is shooting at him. People like that make great targets.

While my co-workers are simply enchanted with President Obama, I am not. They think he walks on water and can do no wrong. I have problems with his views on gun control, abortion, sexual preference, don’t ask-don’t tell, and just about anything else that is at issue today. I hardly think that Obama is the one to bring real compromise in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

However … I do believe that you will see a decided switch to our policies and views concerning Israel. I believe that from viewing his past actions, there will be a time, that he will turn the USA against Israel, and when that time comes? Woe to the United States.

Do you know what God did on the third day? Check the book of Genesis. HE SEPARATED. He separated darkness from light, day from night, winter from summer, spring from fall, and all the other separations there are to separate. He separated the water from the land, Heaven from earth, and I am quite sure that there were other separations. Such as GOOD from EVIL, male from female, animal from human … the list can go on and on.

And what Satan is doing now, is trying to erase all those separations. If he gets you to believe that there is no difference between good and bad, if he erases the separation then there is no male and female. Anyone can be with anyone and there is no good and no evil in it.

If he, (Satan), erases the difference between man and animal, then bestiality and every thing that the Bible shows to be perverse, is no longer good or bad. It is acceptable.

And since there is no longer a definitive line between good and evil, there is no reason for Jesus. You didn’t do anything wrong and you can blame everything you have done on someone else. Not your fault? Right? Wrong. At some time in life, you are going to have to take responsibility for your actions.

It goes without saying that the views on the holy state of matrimony has been changed drastically in the most recent years. No longer is the biblical mandate of a man and a woman followed. Without the separation of what the Bible defines as good and evil, anything goes. Loyalty and fidelity, honor and obedience to anyone or anything, are no longer in “vogue” or in “style.” The separation between those traits is slowly being erased. Why do you think that Hilleary didn’t have a problem with Bill cheating on her? (Besides political!) It wasn’t bad because after all, even in marriage these days, we still have sexual preference and individuality. Dude. If that guy were my husband, not only would I have divorced his butt, he’d most likely be singing soprano the rest of his life. In my life, there are some things that are not acceptable and never will be.

If there is no right or wrong in the religions (for lack of a better word), of the world, then everyone will get along and we can have a one world religion. Right?

Nope. Never going to happen. NEVER going to happen. And President Obama is not capable of calming these storms. Indeed, no one is.

The idea of living and letting live is a wonderful thing. But in human terms, it will never be the ideal we would hope. There are extremists in every facet of life and you cannot change that. From the Muslim world to the Christian world and everything in between, there will be those who don’t just stand up for what they believe, they will be fanatical about it and take to violence to solve what they see as the issue. (Sort of like that red faced man who was yelling at me today and using the “F” word sandwiched in between every other word he uttered.)

Muslim terrorists are still going to be causing havoc in the United States of America and wherever they can to advance their Jihad. Stupid, fanatical Christian terrorists are going to shoot down doctors that do late term abortions, to prove what they see as a vital issue of pro-life. (Yeah, you idiot. Thanks for making the rest of us look bad … MURDER is still murder regardless of who it is! Sigh.) But in the view of the lack of separation none of this can be viewed as bad. Or can it?

I have heard many people look at a Christian terrorist and say, “Well. If that is what a Christian is, then I don’t want to be one!” (Actually, I heard that today over that murder of Dr. Tillman.) Amazingly enough, I have not heard that from anyone concerning the 9/11 takedown of the twin towers. But terrorists are terrorists whatever their beliefs religiously are.

Totally understand that statement and what they think they mean. But here is the reality.

Mozart was a musical genius. Indisputable is his ability to have written the most beautiful of music. But if you heard one of his symphonies being played, for the first time, by a middle school orchestra, all those squeaks and squawks might lead you to believe that Mozart had no musical talent whatsoever! Just because people butcher his music, does not mean that the genius was not there.

Jesus said to Follow ME, not follow his believers! Just because people butcher His words and actions as they strive to walk this life, does not mean that He is not Who He said He is.

There are still standards. There really IS a difference between good and evil. You and I still have a choice … and as for me? I will follow the Lord Jesus. Not Barack Obama.


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