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The Do-It-All Girl

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I don’t think I could have done it. Once I heard my husband (assuming I was a woman with a husband) was being serviced, under his desk, in one of the key seats of power of the entire free world, I probably would have beat feet so quickly that his head would have spun. Add to that the fact that the then President of the good ole US of A sodomized the servicing party with a cigar, and I may have very well beat the living daylights out of him.

But Hillary Clinton is not me and I am certainly not Hillary Clinton. And as much as I felt more than a twinge of contempt for her for sticking with that dog of a husband, I must confess that I have been proud of her this last year.

I don’t follow politics anymore than the next guy, or gal, but it was hard to miss things in the States this campaign season and I thought Hillary did an admirable job. I even think that she was treated with more suspicion and double standards than any of her male counterparts, no matter their shortcomings or positions.

And, for illustrative purposes only and with all do humility, so it would appear that Obama shares my admiration (or fear) of Hillary with the New York Times breaking the story earlier this weekend that he has offered and Hillary has accepted the job of Secretary of State of the United States (official announcement to happen sometime prior to January 20, 2009). Sure, Madeleine Albright shattered the gender barrier for this position under Hill’s husband (a different kind of “under” than the afore referenced Ms. Lewinsky) and was followed by Condie Rice, but it’s still something else, is it not?

I just hope Hillary has learned her lesson and keeps some of these manly leaders on a shorter lead than she did Bill when he was running the place. But I cannot help but wonder if someone like Hugo Chavez may just view her as a little bird, lightly tweeting two steps behind her man when the do do hits the fan.

Time, as it usually does, will bear out the answer.


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