Do You Ever Wonder?

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Do you ever wonder why when the sky is blue, it brings a smile to you.

Do you ever wonder why when the rain pours down, it makes you feel blue.

Do you ever wonder why when the rain is done, a beautiful rainbow appears.

Did it just happen this way or, is this God’s way of telling you he is here.

Did you ever watch the birds after a fresh pour of rain.

They are all pecking at the grass to feed their family again.

Did you ever notice how green the grass was, and how more much more it did grow.

By that rainfall, it helps with a lot of things, more then when we will ever know.

These things go about, a lot we tend to take for granted.

But sometimes when we hear the birds song, we think they are so romantic.

It just seems that, it is just us they are singing for.

And then once more the sun and the rain will come out once more.

Remember when you feel blue, you will always have days like that.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses, and we have to accept that as a fact.

We pray for peace, and an end to the war, please bring our families home.

Lord as you down above, watch over them and let them know somehow, they are not alone.

To my friends, family, and all our troops who are putting their lives on their lives on the line for us.



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