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Don’t Come to My Neighborhood and Ghetto It Up (Part 2)

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Okay, before I get started on the second part of my neighborhood, I have to say that my young neighbor is doing it, she walks to and from work and said I will do it because it is what is needed to be done. Where she has to walk to and from is on a dangerous road, the road that is the main access to our development has no less than six accidents a year, and the year I moved here we had a fatality on the road on the fourth of July that required the medi-vac to land in the back field of the development to the person to shock trauma in Baltimore, Maryland, one hour away by car. I told this young lady how much I admire her because so many times the good ones are not being given the credit they deserve and I had to tell her how proud I was. She is a college student and she does not want her mother to know; she knows her mother will worry about her and I told her that is not my business to tell and I know she will be immensely blessed.

Now back to business, okay, so we know the kids in my development do not like me, which means the kids that attend my son’s school do not like me as well. I am fine with that because 1) we are not put on this earth to have people like us, but 2) they are kids and they need to know and understand that wrong is wrong and someone has to make them see that or at least let them they have options other than just doing the wrong thing, like doing the right thing.  

It is my son’s last year in school and they have about twenty-five days left and my son is supposed to go off to junior high with these kids and last year I knew that I would try and do what I can to get him into a good private school. I am still working on that, but my thing is, I did for awhile consider sending him to the local junior until a couple of incidents that happened recently. The first was when my son was called the “N” word and the non-action by the faculty of his school. His homeroom teacher wanted to tell me that I was going to have to accept the answer of the little boy who is White that he said he was talking to the computer. They did not notify at all, I had to call and make a meeting in which I did get upset and yelled at his teacher who was not empathetic at all. This is the same teacher who made four little boys in the class wear girl crowns and had one sing, “I like wearing girly crowns and clapping my hands.” My thinking is that if they allow this type of behavior by teachers slide in elementary school what are they considering is bad enough of an infraction by the teachers in junior high school if all you get is a talk to in the lower school. I know the boys that are attending the junior high school are the same ones my son and other kids in this development have had problems with over the years.

I have always been a hands-on parent and when my son is outside I am outside that way I can see what happens. When I was growing up there was always one parent aware of what all of the kids in the neighborhood were doing and if that parent wasn’t outside then it was a different parent, they took turns to watch the kids play. I did the same thing for my son and his friends when we moved into our townhouse. It was fun because all of the little girls wanted to come over to the house to play with him, he was small for his size then so it seemed like the girls who were only a year or two older than him were much older. One little girl was my son’s first girl best friend, she was such a sweetheart, and she would come over and they would play together for hours and have dinner the whole nine, the usual things kids are supposed to experience. I had to move when I lost the house to foreclosure because I got sick and had to fight for my benefits from my then current employer. I have then now medical and monetary and I can always buy another home. I moved to a crappy apartment after another story, then to where I am now.

I love where I am now and I wish to stay here for as long as possible, the thing is it seems like a lot of parents are not aware or don’t care what their kids are doing. They would play in the garbage dumpsters and will be outside long past 10 p.m. at night and harass the smaller kids, which is why I am outside or now since he is older my window is open and the small kids or the kids who are trying to just have fun outside without feeling like they have to run when they see these kids coming will come to me when the kids who are trying to be “cool” do something that is wrong. One little boy who is White walked up to a little girl who is Black when she was walking to the bus stop, he yelled into her face and began berating her about how one of his little friends did not want to be her boyfriend anymore. I knew something was wrong when I first saw her hesitate before she started walking to the bus stop so I let her walk with me so she could feel safe. The boys walked up to her like I was not there and started his barge, I shut it down immediately and told this little boy 1) he cannot talk to her like that and 2) he is never to speak to women like that period. I guess he felt his coconuts because he started to tell me I couldn’t talk to him like that and that he was going to tell his mother and I said let’s go. She was not home and when she did get home, I told her what her son had done and later when I had first went to their house to speak to her how I was all types of B’s and I could tell by her reaction that he has been giving her grief for sometime and I felt sorry for her. A single mom trying to take care of her kids and working long hours. This is what I am up against everyday when I walk my son to the bus stop, little boys Black and White who think it is cool to degrade girls and call grown women a B***** and that they can do whatever they want since I am not their parent. What are we to do when elementary kids are out of control and their parents, some not all bring that Ghetto Mentality to a good neighborhood. Or these Rappers who these kids watch and think are so cool, when are they going to see how they are destroying these young boys and young men with their Pathology of drug use, misogynistic use of women, and over all disregard for a well-being of life for anyone but themselves.

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