A Dose of Sweet Sunshine

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Lately life has taught me how to be grateful for every little thing that happens in my life. As I stated earlier, in an article, how I always took everything for granted, now I truly appreciate the good things life has to offer good or bad I find joy in whatever. I found a friend that picked me up just a few days ago that made me feel life was truly worth living. I call her my dose of sweet sunshine.

And my sister from another mother. I need not call her name but she’s a comfort and an encouragement in my life. So many people go thru life never experiencing friendship this must be a sad and lonely way of life. Not having any one you can confine or share your inner most secrets. When I read some of these stories I put myself into their stories I breathe their air I feel their joys as well as their pain. To my sister from another mother, this is for you. A dose of sweet sunshine:

I was really sad today; I had no reason why.
I was feeling somewhat poorly, until you wandered by.
A smile you put upon my face with precious little words.
I’m so glad you wandered by, they were the sweetest I’ve ever heard

People live their whole life through with no one they can depend.
I’m so grateful that I have you as my dearest friend.
I pray that this is a friendship that will grow like vines.
God knew I needed you. A dose of sweet sunshine.

Your sister from another mother.



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