Eight Trendiest and Overused Words

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The next time you watch TV, listen to any conversation, or read something, you’re likely to hear at least one or all of these expressions:

 1. On the ground
 2. Look
 3. Rein in
 4. Local community
 5. Green jobs 
 6. Carbon footprint
 7. Bail out
 8. Shore up

Look, the notion that that many employers on the ground have a hiring freeze simply is unfortunately true after all, they need to rein in spending, however, your local community Wal-Mart seems to be hiring to shore up the situation even if only for minimum wage. But, in case you land one of these much talked about green jobs, consider yourself fortunate but don’t count on a bonus unless you get a job with my wealthy Uncle Sam’s favorite son Goldman Sachs or his mistress AIG where bailout money is set aside for bonuses.

Nonetheless, stay alert and brace yourself for the commercial property foreclosure to come and to top it all, with all that hand shaking during job interviews or going to town hall meetings to protest the health care issue, make sure you wash your hands to avoid getting infected with Swine Flu; the word is, there’s not enough vaccine to go around. So stay healthy and stay alive otherwise you won’t be around long enough to have your 2.5 children—which, according to some is one of the recipes that cause global warming and a culprit of carbon footprint.


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