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Elsa Murano Texas A&M

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It must be a man thang. Let’s hope not. You know it does not matter what you do on your job, you could be doing a great job and still get the boot. If they want to fire you they will find a way to do so. Murano got fired, what was the real reason, because their excuse (A & M System officials) for firing this woman was not a very good one. They did it because she is a woman (the number one reason). So if she did something wrong enough to be fired, why not look toward putting another woman in her position instead of a man.

They are looking to replace her with a male, so, are they trying to say a man can do a better job of being the president of the campus than a woman; you still have man in it if you break it down women put the WO in MAN. So, wooo, halt, and let’s understand, man, you would be nothing without WO.

So, if they fired her for good reasons, why are they trying to pay her off so they want get a lawsuit against them. Something is just not right with this picture.

Elsa Murano, I wish you the best. You will be blessed.


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