Enforce YOUR Freedom of Speech

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In the Media, much is made of the “rights” of businesses. Follow the money, think about who puts food on the tables of the media and the journalists. Bias towards the major monopolists resides in Yahoo, Fox News, and MSNBC, among other outlets. Look at their major advertisers, and owners!

There is no such thing as “Rights” exists for businesses. “Rights” are reserved to the People, you and me.

So, what is it with the closed, proprietary stance that large monopolistic empires, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Apple/MacIntosh all take, with regards to their clients? How can they sue their own customers?

You pay upwards of $295 or $695, or more, for the software, but, as soon as a new “revision” is forced upon you, more of your archived work is unavailable to you!

Is it an intrusion into your FREEDOM of Speech for these monsters of greed to suppress your works to appease their greed?

The only solutions are:

1. Join the Fortune 1,000 in the use of Free, Open Source Software, such as, (designed and created in 1980, four years before Microsoft Office!) Open Disc, and OSSWIN offer freely on the Internet.

2. Convert all your archived works stored as proprietary formats to Open Source formats! Search the “Table of equivalents” in Google, for the FOSS applications! 

3. Run any of the Berkeley Software Distributions, of which there are more than 30, or GNU/Linux, which has more than 500 iterations, called Distros. Both can operate on every hardware platform that exists, and each includes over 20,000 FREE application from GNU which include their full, free, source code.

4. Support “Document FREEDOM Day” and the entire movement to protect YOUR freedoms!

5. Look at the sites that fight for your Freedoms, such as the

6. Demand all venders adhere to internationally recognized standards.

7. Vote with your wallet. When you purchase computing hardware please shop prices online at, and try out the fifty plus vendors selling fast systems that run BSD and Linux, offering hardware that is ISO compliant.

8. Avoid all websites that are NOT ISO compliant, (most recent example is Foxnews!) and any that state that the “Information Highway” is best viewed only with proprietary Operating Systems!

9. Do not accept any of the Microsoft Virus/spybots/malware/adbots/exploits. Use a FREE Open Operating System, such as are found at and

10. Filter the “News” out, which advocates and advertises that which actually restricts YOUR freedoms! Much of the media are only advertisers and promotion whores to the huge monopolists.  

11. Join the Linux or BSD user group online, for more advice and help in computer
technology, for the best security and safety online! 

12. Run the FOSS that put the Mars Rover, and the Shuttle into space. Use the systems that Microsoft, the Fortune 1,000, and the FAA, DOT, DOD, and that all military branches use in all high tech. weapons systems!

Knowledge is power, each of the Amendments of the original Bill of Rights protects each of the other Amendments which are our freedoms! Those who would surrender their freedom for the illusion of safety and security deserve neither.


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