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An Evening with John Stamos

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I had the pleasure of attending an event at X Repertory Theater last month that featured an all-star panel of people. The team included John Stamos, Danny Sussman, Brandt Joel, Neal Meron, and Andrew Bernstein. For those of you who don’t know all the names, they have truly impressive credentials between them for some of the biggest successes on TV and Film. But what impressed me more was their message and the connection they shared.

This group of men repeatedly talked about collaboration and how important that is in the creative process. I think that applies to almost any effort with the possible exception of a hermit or certain monks, with an occasional writer thrown in for good measure. Danny Sussman, or maybe Brandt Joel emphatically said when the panel discussion was finished the people in the audience should talk to EACH OTHER, not just the panel members. Wise advice indeed. The panel stayed after to further put actions behind the words.

These men have worked together in varying degrees over a number of years and they all nodded in agreement when Danny Sussman said that whenever anyone asks you to do a favor for them the answer should be yes. Extend yourself when and where you can to support another’s dream, that was a belief each of these successful men echoed. This was why they were at the school! They didn’t just preach it, they parked it on a stage in downtown LA as living proof of the concept. Personally, I wish Danny Sussman spent more time onstage; preferably doing stand up comedy with Brandt Joel as his straight man.

Seriously, though, there is an energy behind giving that actually feeds the person doing the favor. When our brains register the energy going out it helps over-ride the scarcity mentality section that keeps us on lock-down with our mental and emotional resources. It shows up in hands as a luck line. People who recognize there is power in giving as well as receiving tend to have a stronger, clearer and longer luck line than those who don’t.

Guess what? Every single one of those men had a powerful luck line. It wasn’t in some of the hands, it was in each man’s hands. That includes the school founders Marc and Aaron! No surprise, with the advice and support they were there to share. (Some lines were longer than others but that’s really a private matter).

So if you want to tap into the power and ease of luck, know that when you are willing to intelligently share your resources in pursuit of shared dreams you can only win. Better yet, you bring a team of people along with you to share the successes!

Originally published on Truth in Hand

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