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Fed Up!

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I’ve been idle for a long while. I’ve been idle because I had my doubts. Doubt is a great muzzle. So is self-censorship. Censoring myself has been just another way to hide. She who hides is rarely seen, and seldom heard.

Just minutes ago I read how Amazon dropped Wikileaks. My first thought? “Well it’s about time!” I care enough to read some of the comments left about the news. Some made me angry. A few made me wonder. I am not confrontational by nature. I believe we all have basic rights that include the freedom to voice our opinions. I rarely express anger but I am working on changing that. Too much anger is not good for, or to my body. Neither is stuffing my opinions, because sooner or later those stuffed opinions manifest as physical symptoms. I’m talking choking, gasping for air, needing an inhaler to help me breathe …

I let anger ride tonight. I let it ride just like Dexter Morgan lets his Dark Passenger out for an occasional ride and I wrote a response:

“What an apathetic bunch of so-called Americans. Your government has been attacked, been spied on, and you care more about someone who has never been funny bombing during an interview. Every slur/attack against America is a slur/attack attack against you, you, pathetic excuses for humanity. Soldiers are dying in wars, thinking they’re fighting and dying to preserve your liberties and freedoms, while you sit on your sorry asses griping about nothing! What a sorry lot you are.”

You see … I am so tired of Americans not giving a hot damn about their country. People seemed more concerned about Steve Martin bombing during an onstage interview than they were about Wikileaks. Someone actually asked “Who cares about Wikileaks? He was one of many who worried about an audience being upset because Steve Martin didn’t do his “wild and funny guy” act. Wild and funny? For real?

A spy is running amok with some of our government’s secret correspondence and no one seems to care. The “Leak” is threatening to black mail Americans if action is taken against him, and who cares? I wonder if people remember the Rosenbergs? The husband and wife who were hanged for being spies. Julius and Ethel? 

Am I the only one who sees the red flags? The writing on the wall? The rampant apathy and ignorance that seems to have Americans in a choke hold? Or am I the only one choking here? Am I suffering from a such a major lack of oxygen that it makes my brain play tricks on me? Maybe I’m the one who is pathetic. Maybe I am pathetic because I still care about my country, my president, my community, my place as a citizen in the world. I mean, I’m just asking. Someone please let me know if I need help with this.


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