Fight for Your Right

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Young Americans attempting to confront an oppressive and armed government … ‘60s themes that make even more sense today.

The first sign that Chicago 10 is far from an ordinary documentary: the fact that it was selected to open last year’s Sundance Film Festival, an honor usually reserved for star-studded dramas. Our next clue? Director Brett Morgan’s unique mash up style, which combines footage from the controversial Chicago 1968 Democratic National Convention (where anti-war demonstrators brutally clashed with police) with high-tech motion capture animated courtroom re-enactments that are voiced by the likes of Nick Nolte, Jeffrey Wright, Mark Ruffalo, and Liev Schreiber. That makes it the film equivalent of an awesome Girl Talk song.

And now that we’re smack in the middle of a heated election year, this flick about taking risks to get your voice heard couldn’t be coming to a theater near you at a better time.

“There was an energy and a passion I saw in my footage, and through my research of that era,” Morgan has said. “I wanted to make a film not so much about a historical, academic encounter of what happened but something with that youthful energy like it was captured in a bottle and unleashed today.”

A fist-pumping soundtrack featuring everyone from Eminem to Black Sabbath to the Beastie Boys helps keep the revolutionary spirit at a fever pitch—and contributes to the feeling of old meets new. Find out what all the fuss is about and join the political debate about personal liberties when Chicago 10 opens at a theater near you February 29, 2008; click here for tickets and showtimes.

By Caroline Stanley

Photo Courtesy of Gen Art Pulse



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