The First True Rude Awakening of Transwomen

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I may be intersexed, (or hermaphrodite to most folks), but I still count myself under the transgender umbrella. Hell, in spite of growing breasts at puberty, I never knew I was intersexed until tests six years ago. I’d thought I was a transsexual since I was ten and first read about them. So I’ve gone through all the interesting peaks and valleys all transgirls go through to get their peaks and valleys. Which, like all transgirls puts me in a unique position between the sexes to point out how similar boys and girls can really be.

Now I can’t speak for other girls like me, but when I began transitioning I had all these delusions about how dainty and soft and clean and proper women were, how much nicer than men, how polite and tidy. I was convinced of this based on how most straight women act around men. As I worked up the nerve to enter a women’s washroom for the first time ever, I was so utterly excited to be stepping into a new world of clean and nice.

And then I saw the piss.

Now I do understand the fear of germs and bacteria in public toilets, having spent the majority of my life with an obsessive/compulsive need to clean any public toilet I used so the next person in wouldn’t think I was the one who left the mess, but the first ladies’ toilet that greeted my eyes greeted my nostrils as well, and was wetter than any man can I’d ever sat on.

As I eventually learned, women can be just as inconsiderate and crude as men. A lot of women hover above public toilet seats to pee rather than sit on them, leaving big yellow splashes on the seat they often can’t be bothered to wipe off afterward.

Shop talk is worse, too. While still living male I was often nauseated, (yes I was a repressed tight ass for a long time), at the way guys talk so openly in locker rooms about pussy and how many they fuck and how often. I was actually naive enough to think women talked about fashion and makeup while powdering their noses.

Apparently size DOES matter to most straight women. Who knew? Oops, sorry, trade secret, forget I said that.

Honestly I have heard the filthiest things discussed and laughed about when it’s just us gals. It was actually what most often got me read at first, my discomfort with it.

Fortunately I’ve long since taken the stick out about these things, but to this day I still can’t help but crack a smile and just nod knowingly when I hear men and women bragging about how different they are or how much better each is than the other.

Because everyone is equal when their pants are around their ankles on a toilet.



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