First Virtual Breast Cancer Walk

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The internet never ceases to amaze me. Our Web site has created community around content for women who love wine, travel, good food, and living well.

This month, we’re doing our part to support Breast Cancer awareness in two ways. First, we’re pouring wine from wineries that produce wines year-round that support Breast Cancer research. Some of those wines are Two Wives, out of Napa, and Midlife Crisis, out of Paso Robles, but there are many others who share the passion of utilizing their wines to support this important cause.

In addition, we’re participating in the first virtual walk to support Stage 4 Breast Cancer awareness through the Web site,, the brainchild of the founder of On this site, you can pay three dollars and create a woman who will walk from Boston to the Golden Gate Bridge.

When you “dress” your gal—you can choose the number two outfit (Moms Rock!) and carry a Women & Wine tote—all of the proceeds from the walk go to the Gal to Gal Foundation. The goal is to reach one million women and raise three million dollars.

Martha Stewart helped launch the walk on her show and you can see her “gal” carrying a Martha Stewart Living Magazine.

Not only is this a clever way to utilize the web to promote this important message, but I love checking the site daily to see where my gal is, how many people have joined, and how much money has been raised.

I hope that you’ll pass this message along to your gal pals—because women helping women is what this is all about.

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