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Five Inspiring Speeches by Extraordinary Women

Actions speak louder than words—unless, of course, those words are extraordinary. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve gathered five speeches that inspire us to think bigger from some of the most accomplished, visionary, and entertaining women of our time. We invite you soak up as much wisdom as your big brain can hold.

Hillary Clinton’s Speech at the Women in the World Summit

Hillary hits the nail on the head when she states that women around the world should be able to make their own choices, from the way they dress to choices on their health and their bodies. Amen, sister.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity

In this speech, the witty, insightful author of Eat Pray Love addresses the fact that behind creativity is an immense amount of fear. In particular, she addresses the fear of whether or not your work will be a success and fear that once it is, you will never be able to top it. Her out-of-the-box, uplifting take on the creative process and how to respecting your muses makes us want to get out there and conquer the world.

Sheryl Sandberg: “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg brings to our attention, with some startling statistics, that there are far too few women at the top of their fields. Luckily, she has some top-notch career advice on how to change these numbers. She suggests three messages we need to embrace: sit at the table, make your partner a real partner, and don’t leave before you leave. With great advice like this, Sheryl, we’ll see you at the top.

Susan Cain: “The Power of Introverts”

As we grow up, our culture puts added stress on us to get out there, be sociable, make friends, and be outgoing. But as author and former Wall Street lawyer Susan Cain explains, there is nothing wrong with being what she was called as a child: “mellow,” or “introverted.” In fact, as Cain suggests, a contemplative disposition is an invaluable asset, especially in creative fields or in roles of leadership. “There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas,” she said. We can definitely get behind a woman who inspires us to embrace our inner introvert and celebrate the underdogs.

Ellen Degeneres’s Commencement Speech at Tulane University

Perennial funnywoman Ellen Degeneres keeps the audience in stitches at this commencement speech from 2009, but she also delivers moving words about overcoming fear to live the life you want to live. Her personal journey of coming out and subsequently being rejected professionally because of it, only to return to television on her own terms and become more successful than she could have imagined, inspires us to face our own fears. Also, she says this: “Life is like one big Mardi Gras, but instead of showing your boobs, show people your brain.” Sage advice.

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