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Free Tibet!

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I am so fortunate to have a contact with a woman who grew up in Tibet. This is my very favorite part of the word for collecting of beads. I have a vast collection of these. I absolutely LOVE Tibetan beads.
I would not part with any until recently. I have been collectioning these for fifteen years. Long story short. Several of my customers who share the same love of these beauties convinced me to release some of them. I created a small series of Free Trade Tibetan jewelry and placed them together in my shop. Everytime I put them out they sell right away!
They are primarily from Silver, Brass and semi precious stones such as Turquoise, Carnelian, Onyx, and Coral. I also have stunning Conch beads whichhave the Ohm symbol carved into itwith Turquoise, metals & Coral are rubbed intothem; so the designs arevivid and stunning. They are crazy beautiful. I am one of those people that believe that objects that come from our Earth in fact do have energy. I feel really off if I do not have something Tibetan on every day.
Because of the politics of that part of the world who knows how long we will be able to gather these beautiful piecesof art and culture. I love adornment and cherish my Tibetan beauties.


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