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Friends in High Places?

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My mother liked Hillary but I could not ever vote for her. “Why did you stay with Bill?” jokes were told from coast to coast. Right there I lost my respect for her. With headband in hair on “60 Minutes” she told the nation she was going to stand by her man at the beginning of his administration. I also believe in marriage but not in broken alliances.

To this day I remember how much shame I felt during the Clinton administration for our Presidency. Much of the country felt this way. It wasn’t like when Ronald Reagan or any other president I can remember was in office. Say what you will about the Bush years but moral decency was restored and pride to the office of president, returned.

Mom was a Southern Republican and so am I. I have to think that because of her age, she never fully understood or perhaps forgot all about Bill’s friend Monica. My recurring thought is what momma taught me early in life, “You are known by the company you keep.”


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