The Front Porch Dog

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I got on this site by simply trying to write my own comment regarding the choice of the Border Collie as the number one smart dog. I just wanted to agree with that choice.

First I had to “register.”

I did.

Now I cannot find the Top 10 Dogs story … so I will write my own.

Earlier this week, Dudley (my very smart Border Collie), was on the front porch watching the cars go by. You have to understand Dudley’s culturization (?). Duc Dudley was born and raised down south near New Orleans and that is what we do Down South. We sit on the front porch or under a tree in the front yard and watch the cars go by. We even wave if we know the drivers and, in almost every instance, we know them. Many times they stop and join us under the tree or on the porch. That is why you will find a collection of folding chairs, automobile seats, and even Grandpa’s easy chair right there on the front porch. The front porch is where all Southerners get their haircut, get a new perm, or get their “geri” going.

And since Duc Dudley was born and lived over three years as a Southerner, he is also a “Front Porch” dog.

(Now, that explained, let me explain how easily entertained a Southerner is. We can be entertained by putting tin foil socks on the family cat try it sometime.)

Back to my story about the southern dog who recently (six weeks ago) immigrated to Alaska.

Dudley had been out on the porch for awhile when suddenly he starting shrieking—that is how Border Collies bark. They shriek. They can sound just like they are in horrible distress.

Summoned by all the shrieking, I opened the door and saw the reason for his distress.

A cow moose was walking leisurely into our yard followed closely by two calves.

I made Dudley come inside so he would not disturb them but it sure added to his hysteria. He ran all around the house trying to see through the windows while I was trying to get some really “Cool Wildlife Photos” to email back to friends and family in the Deep South.

The moose family worked their way to the back of the house as they dined on the tender tips of all the shrubs and small trees, all the while unfazed by all the blood-chilling Border Collie shrieking coming from inside the house.

They seemed so calm I decided to open the back door and see if I could get even better pictures than the ones I took through the windows, and I did. But Duc Dudley was really stressed that these animals were in “his” yard and was now growling ferociously from this new vantage point.

Sorry Dudley, but I just couldn’t help myself. I pushed him on out the door. I admit that wasn’t nice.

It took all of fifteen seconds for the Momma Moose to put Dudley around the house and back where he started. The front porch, right where a Southern dog belongs!


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