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The Future of Our Past-Tense

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Election time always equals pontification, pointing fingers, and praying “things will just work out.” That said, perhaps it’s also a time … though each and every day would prove an equally fine time for each of us to ponder what part we play in the proverbial big picture and our very own small worlds. Alas …

History gets thicker as it approaches recent times.—A. J. P. Taylor, historian and journalist

Alas, history invariably repeats itself, proving the scholars and cynics right, time and time again. Pun intended. It’s as if the mirroring years were plucked from the past and layered right over the present; a heavy cloak, bringing with it economic struggles, familial strife, environmental trauma, global conflict, and basic issues of human evolution.

Indeed, it doesn’t take a genius to acknowledge the pattern. But purposefully paying mind to this replication might just prompt you to see its place in your own independent life. Meaning, your own history repeating itself. Meaning, witnessing the funk you’ve caused, experienced, or dodged show up again! Are there some lessons you would, could, should learned by now? Conversely, have you forgotten all the glorious things that also happened along the way and how you woulda-coulda-should helped them reproduce? Perhaps, those fearsome forecasters wouldn’t lay on the guilt that we’re unavoidably doomed for burnt toast if we just worked smarter at getting the recipe right the first time around.

Copyright 2008 by Kimberlie Dykeman


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